How To Create & Sell Circus Tickets Online

How To Create & Sell Circus Tickets Online

An explicit show of daredevils performing stunts, balancing acts, and talented jugglers, a circus offers its audience a jaw-dropping experience. Although, planning a great circus depends on how well you strategize your event. Finalizing the budget, venue, and date well in advance through an event agenda can help you put up a great show. 

Juggling between multiple event tasks can result in a total mess. Partnering with us offers convenience to your guest for seamless ticket booking. Moreover, you can choose from our online payment gateways and 170+ currencies to collect quick and secure payments from your ticket sales. 

When you sign up with Yapsody, here’s how your event management journey can look like:

1. The Virtual Box Office

The first dashboard you come across is our simple and easy-to-use Virtual Box Office. Create your circus event and start with setting up your payment gateways, preferred language, and currency with the help of Event Setup Wizard.

Creating each event and adding every detail can be time-consuming. Instead, you can just duplicate your existing event and simply make changes to the date and time. It is a huge time saver if you have multiple shows and repeat performances planned at your circus.

2. Customize Your Online Ticket Store

Display all your circus events and performers on your branded Online Ticket Store. You can use your preferred subdomain for your online ticket store, so your attendees know it’s a part of your website and make the ticket purchase without hesitating. 

Personalize your store with your brand logo, colors, themes, video highlights, and social media links. Learn how to Customize your Online Ticket Store to Boost Ticket Sales.

3. Create Your Circus Seating Layout

Circus events offer thrilling experiences every second. You don’t want your attendees to waste time finding their seats and end up missing out on a beautiful performance. Create your venue’s seating layout so your attendees can pick their favorite seats and enjoy the performances. 

Let them book their tickets well in advance and arrive at the venue stress-free. With Yapsody, you can create multiple event seating & ticket types so you can give the VIPs their space and have regular tickets for the general attendees.

4. Set Up The Ticket Price

Setting up the ticket price can be tricky even if you’re an experienced event organizer. Once you’ve planned the budget, venue and know the expected number of attendees, add an extra margin to cover an emergency and set up your ticket price. Read more on Pricing Your Event Tickets to understand pricing techniques. 

While setting up your ticket pricing, you can create multiple ticket types considering your circus will have children, adults, & couples.

5. Customize Your E-Tickets

Whether you want an image of a juggler or an artist performing acrobatics on your ticket, you can customize it the way you like. Our platform has a ticket customization feature that lets you be creative and personalize your circus tickets the way you like them. Subtle or striking, it’s your choice all the way.

6. Promote Your Circus Events

Circus events get a huge response or none at all depending on the way you promote it. Make sure to stay connected with your attendees by promoting upcoming events, sending invites, reminders, newsletters, and real-time updates. Reach out to relevant audiences and promote your upcoming events in a jiffy with our leading email marketing integration.

Pro-Tip: ​​ Our in-built optimization toolSEO for events is a hit among event marketers for maximum visibility and ticket sales. You can trigger your events to appear on the top search results, organically without spending a single dime.

7. Validate Tickets Quicker

While saving time and money are some of the perks of selling tickets online, quick validation tools also add great value to it. Circus events can attract massive crowds and crowds can mean chaos.

With Yapsody, there’s no confusion or chaos when you use our mobile app YapScan as the on-ground staff can quickly validate tickets and save time that would be wasted in queues.

8. Offer Discounts 

Just the way a motorcycle stuntman bowls your attendees over with his skills, wow your them with some irresistible discounts. Roll out the pre-buzz, early birds, group discounts, or BOGO offer using our Discounts & Packages feature.

Excited to create and sell your circus tickets soon? It’s time to create the most happening circus in town and offer your attendees’ an exhilarating experience. Sign up now and create some magic with a dash of madness.

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