How to Sell Circus Tickets Online

How to Sell Circus Tickets Online

An explicit show of daredevils performing motorcycle stunts, balancing acts and talented jugglers, circus events offers its audience a jaw-dropping experience. Although, planning a great circus depends on how well you strategize your event. Finalizing the budget, venue and date well in advance can help you put up a great show. Selling tickets online for your circus events can be the most important piece of the jigsaw and can help you put up a successful series of circus events. Through this blog, we’ll show you how to set up your circus event and sell tickets online instantly.

Juggling between multiple tasks can result in a total mess. Which is why you must opt for an easy to use tool that’ll save you time so you can focus on other priorities. Our online ticketing system offers convenience to your circus attendees, so they can book their show tickets in different languages. Moreover, you can choose from our multiple payment gateways and 170+ currencies to collect quick and secure payments from your ticket sales. When you sign up with Yapsody, this is how your journey begins.

The Virtual Box Office
The first dashboard you come across is our simple and easy to use “Virtual Box Office”. Create your circus event and start with setting up your payment gateway, preferred language and currency. Using this tool, you can access the event wizard, real-time sales analytics, reporting and a lot more. It can be a huge time saver if you have multiple circus events planned. Creating each event and adding every detail to it can be time-consuming. Instead, you can copy your existing event and simply make changes to

Create your Online Ticket Store
Like your artists flaunt their talent, you can display all your circus events on our Online ticket store. Here’s a sample of how it’ll look. You can use your preferred subdomain for your online ticket store, so your attendees know it’s a part of your website. Personalize your store with your brand colors, theme, circus images and brand logo. You can also add links to your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so it’s displayed on your ticket store.

Create Your Venue’s Seating Layout
Circus events offer thrilling experiences every minute. You don’t want your attendees to waste time finding their seats and end up missing out on a beautiful performance. Opt for reserved seating. Create your venue’s seating layout so your attendees can pick their favorite seats and enjoy the entertainment. Let your circus attendees book their tickets well in advance and arrive at the venue stress-free. Yapsody lets you create unlimited categories of tickets so you can give the VIPs their space and have regular tickets for the other attendees.

Set up the Ticket Price
Setting up the ticket price can be tricky even if you’re an experienced circus event presenter. Once you’ve planned the budget, venue and know the expected number of attendees, add an extra margin to cover an emergency and set up your ticket price. Read our blog on how to price your event in 3 simple steps to understand pricing techniques. While setting up your ticket pricing, you can create multiple ticket types considering your circus will have children and adults as audience. Take insurance to cover any damage to your property. If you want to go free ticketing, you can select our “Pass on Fee” feature. It adds the ticketing fee to the cost of the tickets which is a minimum amount and makes event ticketing free for you.

Ticket Customization
Whether you want an image of a juggler or an artist performing acrobatics on your ticket, you can customize your ticket the way you like. Our online ticketing system has a ticket customization feature that lets you be creative and personalize your circus tickets the way you like it.

Promote your Event
Circus events get a huge response or none at all depending on the way you promote it. When you’re setting up your event on our event ticketing tool, we give you an option to promote your circus on social media. This means you can share your event directly from our event ticketing tool to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Alternatively, we can post your circus event listing on our website for free using our premium event listing feature or we can share it on our social media profiles to ensure your circus is packed with the audience. Blogs are another way, we promote your events. Your circus events are featured along with a buy tickets button. Our readers can directly book your show tickets from your online ticket store when they click on the buy button. To register for this service, you can fill up our form.

Start Selling Tickets Online
Event technologies have evolved significantly in the past few years, making selling tickets online a necessity to stay ahead of the game. While saving time and money are some of the perks of selling tickets online, quick validation and robust reporting also add great value to it. Circus events can attract massive crowds and crowds can mean chaos. But when you sell your tickets online through Yapsody, we ensure there’s no confusion or a chaotic situation at your venue. Using our special mobile app YapScan, you can quickly validate your circus attendees so they don’t waste their time standing in a queue. Believe us, once you start using YapStats, It’ll be your all-time favorite. It lets you track real-time sales conversion for your circus event.

Use Offers
When you sign up with Yapsody, we give you some of the best deals so you can save a lot on your fees and in return charge low fees to your attendees. That way, you can sell more tickets online saving on your fees. Check out our offers page to see all the offers. Just the way a motorcycle artist bowls your attendees over with his skills, wow your them with some crazy offers. We recommend you plan and promote your offers in advance. Roll out the early bird offer, group discounts or buy one and get one free offer using social media to attract potential attendees.

Planning a circus event soon? It’s time, you create the most happening circus in town and offer your attendees’ an exhilarating experience. Be it through your unbelievable daredevilry acts or our seamless ticketing experience, wow your attendees.  Sign up with Yapsody and make your event the best in town. Save on your ticketing fees with our list of holiday season offers. Use promo code HOLIDAY25 to avail a 25% off on your event ticketing fees. Happy Ticketing!

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