How to Promote your Event Using Video

How to Promote your Event Using Video

Online video has become the go-to marketing format for event marketers and planners worldwide. Video is the most-consumed format across all popular event marketing platforms like Instagram and Facebook. YouTube itself has over a billion users which would be a lost opportunity for any event marketer if they’re not leveraging it right. For the uninitiated, here’s how you can promote your event using video:  

1.Harness Storytelling For Promo’s 

Storytelling can humanize your brand. A crisp promo video with a good narrative can keep your audiences hooked until the end to create unmatched brand recall. Facebook and Instagram are the best mediums to share these promos and gain maximum visibility. Want to Entertain, Educate, and Inspire them through video? Learn 3 Ways of Storytelling to Boost Your Event Experience. 

2. Keep it Short and Engaging

We live in a digital ecosystem where our attention spans are short and we have no time to consume long, uninteresting content. Remember that you’re not the only one vying for their attention. Keep your promo videos under 60 seconds unless you want to bore your audiences. Use drones to give them a new perspective and a macro view of your venue. The bigger picture in a smaller frame works wonders. 

3. Clear CTA with Easy Shareability 

Your Call-To-Action is everything. Without a CTA it’s just another video. Whether you’re announcing a new festival or an annual expo, keep the messaging clear. Your event dates, venue, ticket price, etc are basic things that will decide your audience’s interest. If you catch one person’s attention, chances of that person sharing it with their friends are much higher. It’s your job to create a chain reaction. 

4. Keep the Buzz Going

You need to stay relevant in the minds of your audience. Create different variations of your videos that can be used smartly during the Pre-Buzz, Event Day, Post-Event phases of your campaign. Don’t bombard their feed with videos but don’t forget to stay active on their news feed. Use the Instagram Live Broadcast occasionally to give a glimpse for those who couldn’t make it. Make sure you keep a pulse on your online and offline audiences equally. 

5. Interview Attendees & Patrons

Event attendees and patrons love being a part of your event apart from just experiencing it. Interview some before the event and some after the event. Let them be your marketers while you record and put them in a video. This gives you an opportunity to create video testimonials that you can use on your website and for future event promotions. Read up more on Best Practices for Post-Event Follow-Ups that will further elevate your brand recall. 

6. Create a Highlight Reel 

A crucial yet overlooked video marketing tactic is to record and share highlights of your event. No one wants a 4K video with Dolby Surround, but at least make sure it’s 1080p. Utilize the power of video to create a highlight reel of the night to refresh their memories. A video montage of your past events, if done well, refreshes memories of your attendees and works as a magnet for new audiences. Don’t forget, your video might just be a few DMs away from being the talk of the town. 

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