How To Plan And Promote Your Thanksgiving Event Effectively

By November 16, 2015 September 4th, 2020 Holiday Season
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Since your first event with us, you’ve been thanking us for our services. So, for Thanksgiving, we want to take a moment and thank all our presenters for making us your trusted ticketing platform. 

Well, since we’re not really bringing you a turkey and wine, here’s our Thanksgiving Offer that will help you manage your cash flow better. But, we’ll try to compensate by reminding you why you’ve always chosen us, and why you should choose us yet again for hosting your Thanksgiving events.

Holidays can be pretty hectic which is why you need to promote your Thanksgiving events by:

1. Keeping Off The Competition

Now, there’s something you can never be thankful for. A lot of event presenters will be having similar kinds of events, and sometimes, even around the same venue as yours. In these cases, you have to stand out in order to persuade the audience to register for your event. With Yapsody, your customers will be free from convenience fees, transaction fees, or any other kind of fee that tends to annoy them and even cancel their plan of attending a certain event. Easy registration equals more registration.

2. Increasing Online Visibility 

This one’s a corollary of the previous point. A bigger competition will also reflect on the social media. So, if you want people to notice and remember about your event, you have to be very active on social media. Yapsody has an amazing set of social media widgets that allow sharing and updating about your event on Facebook, Twitter, and other channels directly from your event page. You can also use the Call To Action feature on your Facebook page to let your customers buy tickets by clicking on that itself and getting redirected to your Online Ticket Store.

3. Enhancing Last Minute Communication

It’s not news that everybody is busy during a holiday, so it’s extremely difficult to contact people these days. If you’re hosting an event and have hundreds of attendees, communicating last-minute changes would seem like an almost impossible task. Almost, because it’s actually not impossible. We offer you MailChimp integration that you can use to import all your customers’ contacts into your MailChimp account and email them important details about the event without a hassle.

And, we’re always there for you.

If you need any kind of support or guidance with your ticketing, you can always contact us through our 24/7 support. Also, for tips on promoting your event on social media, and other managing & marketing tips, you can read through the Yapsody blog that has extensive posts on how to make an event successful. And, of course, Happy Thanksgiving!

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