Planning & Promoting Your Thanksgiving Events Effectively

Planning & Promoting Your Thanksgiving Events Effectively

Thanksgiving has always been about giving back! And since your first event with us, you’ve been thanking us for our services, we want to take a moment and thank all our presenters for making us your trusted event ticketing partner. 

Well, since we’re not really bringing you a turkey and wine, here are a few handy tips on planning and promoting your Thanksgiving event effectively. But, we’ll try to keep reminding you why you’ve always chosen us, and why you should choose us yet again for organizing your Thanksgiving events.

Holidays can be pretty hectic which is why you need to promote your Thanksgiving events. However, before you start promoting, make sure to bookmark our Guide For Creating A Logical Event Agenda that will put you ahead of the race during the holiday season.

1. Keep Off The Competition

Now, here is something you can never be thankful for. A lot of event organizers will be having similar kinds of Thanksgiving events, and sometimes, even around the same venue as yours. In these cases, you have to stand out in order to persuade the audience to register for your event. 

With Yapsody, your guests will be free from convenience fees, transaction fees, or any other kind of overcharges that tends to annoy them and even cancel their plans. Thanksgiving is all about giving back to the community, so here’s your chance to do so with these 5 Types Of Discount Options To Boost Event Attendance.

2. Enhance Your Event Visibility 

This one’s a result of the previous point. A bigger competition will also reflect on social media. So, if you want people to notice and remember your event, you have to be very active on social media. We offer event marketing services that let you share and update about your Thanksgiving events on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Apart from the usual event marketing strategies, as a pre-planned marketing move to gain the edge during the Thanksgiving season, be sure to read up our blog  “SEO For Events – Getting Ranked Better on Search Engines”. Event SEO plays a huge role in enhancing your online visibility and makes you stand out on the search results.

3. Manage Last-Minute Communication

It’s not news that everybody is busy during Thanksgiving week, so it’s extremely difficult to reach out and connect with people these days. If you’re organizing Thanksgiving and have hundreds of attendees, communicating last-minute changes would seem like one of your worst nightmares

Almost, because it’s actually not impossible. We offer you MailChimp integration that you can use to import all your attendee’s contacts into your MailChimp account and email them important details about the event without a hassle.

Don’t forget to peep through these 5 Must-Send Emails Before Your Event Happens.

And, we’re always there for you.

If you need any kind of support or guidance with your Thanksgiving day event ticketing, you can always count on our 24/7 support. Also, for tips on event promotion, time management, social media marketing, and other industry insights, you can subscribe to the Yapsody blog to make your brand shine through. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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