How to Organize an Exclusive Event – The Ultimate Guide

How to Organize an Exclusive Event – The Ultimate Guide

Planning an exclusive event, that represents class, sophistication and luxury can get you more accolades if it’s organized well. Whether you’re planning a corporate awards ceremony, school fests, conference or a special ladies night at your casino, organizing an exclusive event makes your attendees feel like a part of something elite. If you’re thinking of organizing one soon, here’s our event planning guide to help you organize a successful exclusive event.

Hosting an exclusive event means there’s no place for cost-cutting. Get in touch with sponsors if required, so the budget is not a constraint. Plan what type of event you’d like to host. What are the requirements? For example, it’s a business conference for only 300 guests. Plan which companies you’ll target and let them know in advance that it’s an invite-only event. Alternatively, if you want to sell out your exclusive events quicker, mention limited seats during the event promotion.

Which Event Will you Make Exclusive
While corporates host annual parties & conferences, schools organize multiple events that can be exclusive but not necessarily luxurious. As an event presenter, you need to decide what type of event you’d like to organize and make it exclusive. For example, casinos can offer limo service to the special guests for a pick up to the venue. When you charge your attendees a premium ticket price, make sure you’re offering premium service too.

The Venue & Logistics
Planning a grand event means the venue also needs to be top-notch. If the event space has been used already for various events, convert it into a special venue. Impress your guests with rich decor and elegant lighting. Ensure the venue is easily accessible. Since the venue is used for multiple events, tools and equipment will be easily accessible to run the event.

Sell Tickets Online
You may have the best of contacts for manual ticketing, but selling tickets online is an easy and organized way to go. Besides, with most of your target audience available online, it’s convenient for them to buy the tickets in advance and reserve the seats for the event. As an event presenter, you benefit the most. Our event ticketing system offers the best features at an incredibly low price. Moreover, you save again when you use our holiday season offers. Check them out here.

Right Ticketing System
While planning an exclusive event can be an arduous task, we ensure ticketing is just the opposite. With Yapsody, you can offer the best ticketing experience to your attendees. Our online ticketing system offers you access codes to make your event an invite-only event. You can decide who can buy the tickets by invitation only and how many times the access code should be used. Imagine your attendees arrive in style and then wait in a queue at the door. That’s sure to damage your brand reputation. When you choose Yapsody, we ensure all your attendee’s tickets are scanned and no one has to waste their time at the door.

Ticket Pricing
You’ve planned an exclusive live music show for 300 people. Since it’s going to be a classy affair, you raise the ticket price and promote your event on social media. You didn’t receive the expected response. This can happen to many of us. Overpricing tickets can lead to poor sales. Consider all your expenses when pricing your ticket. Divide the estimated expense by the number of tickets you’ll sell and add and extra 10% margin for additional expenses. Since you’re offering premium services, your attendees won’t mind paying a little extra for the luxurious treatment you offer. You can also pass on your ticketing fees as an added surcharge and save on your ticketing fees.

Make it Exclusive
Begin with creating an exclusive invite for your attendees. Your invite can include the access codes created by you while creating your event. That way you make this event exclusively available only to a set of attendees. But when you say “Exclusive”, don’t just give your attendees a boring dinner party. Offer them the entertainment they won’t find elsewhere. If it’s an exclusive food and drinks event, surprise them with a popular band’s performance. Make it exclusive by offering a fine dining experience along with the best champagnes at your event.

Promote your Event
Exclusive events require effective promotion. Words like limited seats, last few seats left or sale ends on xx date can create the urge to buy your event tickets quickly. When you announce the event on social media, make sure you give them a glimpse of what they will experience at the venue and what is included in the ticket. Promote your event through social media, email marketing and blogs for a quicker sell-out. We at Yapsody, promote our presenter’s events on our social media pages. Additionally, if you already have a list of your attendees, you can send out access codes directly to their inbox using our MailChimp integration

Offer Giveaways
Giveaways are a great way to make your invite-only parties memorable. Gift hampers with branded cosmetics for the ladies and branded leather wallets for men can be one of the giveaway options. If it’s a corporate event, you can choose from branded bags, jackets to good quality sippers.

Thank your Attendees
You worked tirelessly to make your exclusive event happening but without your attendees, nothing would be possible. So, thank your attendees through emails, messages and thank you cards especially delivered to their address. Not only will they feel valued, but they’ll always look forward to attending your next event be it exclusive or not.

If you haven’t organized an exclusive event, it’s time you start now. You’ve got the event planning tips already. Set yourself apart and host a grand event. Sell tickets online with Yapsody and offer your attendees’ a rich ticketing experience. Be it a corporate event or a private casino night, we’ll help you promote and sell tickets online in minutes. Sign up now and use our promo code HOLIDAY25 to avail a flat 25% off on your ticketing fees.

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