Ways to Increase Ticket Sales for your Events

Ways to Increase Ticket Sales for your Events

When planning an event, you want to implement an intelligent marketing strategy that will boost your ticket sales while keeping your promotional costs to a minimum.
Social media marketing, email marketing, Google AdWords, contests, press releases, ticket barters, and submission to online event calendars are just some of the cost-effective ways to help move tickets.

  • Google AdWords: Nowadays, Google is synonymous with ‘search’ since at one time or other; everyone uses Google to search for something. Google AdWords can be a great help to target your customers effectively and increase your ticket sales if you use the keywords correctly and properly. To learn more about how to get the most out of Google AdWords, check out Google Business Solution.
  • Social Media Contest: Running a contest that people can enter to win free tickets is a great technique to increase customer involvement and word out about your event. You can merge social media and contests to create buzz. For example, one idea might be to ask your customers to share your event with their friends and encourage them to attend the event and on every conversion, they will get certain points that they can redeem on next ticket purchase.
  • Email Marketing: Compile an e-mail list of target customers whose contact information you have acquired over the years through things like sign up forms, contents, data mining, inquiries, etc. This is a potential gold mine of prospective customers. Send out an email newsletter to your prospect list and include attractive discounts and offers. Encourage quick action by providing redemption deadlines.

Sometimes these marketing and promotional efforts are counteracted by the dreaded convenience fees, ticketing fees, print at home fees, etc. that many ticketing companies charge. However, we at Yapsody respect the art of selling tickets and fans’ rights to attend their favorite events without having to pay inflated third party fees. Use Yapsody’s online event ticketing system when selling event tickets because event tickets without any extra fees get customers’ attention and provide huge incentive for fans to purchase event tickets.

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