How to Make your Hotel Space a Money Minting Machine

How to Make your Hotel Space a Money Minting Machine

“How do I increase my revenue?” This is the most common question that crosses every hotelier’s mind on a daily basis.  Do you know that your hotel space can be used for multiple events and give you returns you never thought of? Whether it is through a conference or an open-air wedding party, there are a multitude of ways to earn ancillary revenue. When you use your hotel space to host such events, you’re attracting the attendees, not only to attend the event but to also enjoy the sumptuous spread you’ve put up for them. That way you can double up your revenue. Here’s a list of business ideas, you can use to make your hotel space a money minting machine.

Concerts are crowd pullers. Plan and host a concert in your hotel. Before you start planning, create an event checklist of everything you’ll need to organize a concert. The venue is pre-decided, you simply need to finalize your budgets, date and the artist you think will drive attendees to your hotel. Read our blog – how to organize a successful concert to know more. Once your event is all planned, you’ll need to promote and sell your concert tickets online. Choose Yapsody for your event ticketing needs, create your concert event with us and avail the best offers. If you’re planning a concert, you can host one like the Rod Stewart Tribute Night at Dahlia’s Kitchen and entertain your attendees.

Food & Drinks Fest
If your hotel has an open outdoor space, make the most of it. Host a food and drinks fest outdoors, however, if the weather doesn’t permit, make it an indoor event. It’s one of the best ways to promote your food and drive maximum people to your hotel for the event. Since people love food, they won’t mind traveling to your hotel even if it’s a 2-hour drive. Incorporate beers, wines and cocktails at your event along with live music, promote your event well and see the magic.

Whether yours is a new or an established hotel, invite corporate companies and other industries to host conferences at your hotel. Strike a deal with them and organize an after-conference party. That way, the conference attendees get a great opportunity for networking while enjoying themselves. Make the catering services and your welcoming staff a reason for them to come back to the hotel, but this time with their family or friends.

Bachelorette/Spinster Party
Make the last day of being single a memorable one for your clients. Host a debaucherous Bachelorette/Spinster Party. Offer complimentary gifts for the party or a cake of their choice. Arrange for a male revue artist to perform at your venue or simply give the spinsters a relaxing spa offer the next day. Give them a good deal so they can host the bachelorette/spinster and the wedding at the same venue.

Wedding Party
Depending on the weather and your outdoor space, you can welcome couples to host a wedding at your hotel. You can choose to do the decor for the party at an additional cost. Offer your catering services for the wedding along with the drinks required for the party. If they have guests coming over from far off places, you can offer them a stay. Along with the wedding package, you can offer the married couple with a honeymoon suite at a discounted rate.

Holiday Season Party
Halloween, Christmas and New Year can mean back to back events. Invite event organizers and multiple communities to use your hotel space for the holiday season parties/events. You can have a Christmas ball or a grand New Year party with a popular live band performance at your hotel. Roll out offers this holiday season as we did. Promote your offers through social media so your hotel is packed with tourists and events this holiday season. If you’re an event presenter, you can host a Halloween event like Boo Bash 2019 at the Village Hotel Club-Solihull, United Kingdom and give your attendees’ goosebumps.

Be it a small food exhibition or a trade expo with the latest technology and gadgets, invite entrepreneurs to host them in your hotel. If the event attendees need a break, they can take a tour of your hotel and explore the restaurants for some great food. As the event presenter promotes the exhibitions, you can also promote it to your clients to drive more attendees at your hotel.

Hotels work out to be a perfect venue to host auditions. Whether it’s a dance, singing or a reality show, invite production companies to organize the auditions at your hotel. Such events attract a massive crowd. Make sure you give them a good experience in terms of refreshments, services and queries if any.

DJ Night
Find a reason to celebrate, be it your grandmother’s anniversary or your dog’s birthday. Tie up with an event organizer and host a DJ night for your guests. Invite one or more artists and make it a DJ Battle event. Pump up the party as the DJ’s do the mixing and entertain your attendees.

Comedy Night
Weekdays working can get people tired. Let them begin their Friday nights with laughter and fun. Host a comedy night every Friday. You can either have the same artists perform or change them every 2 weeks depending on the response you receive. While the artists tickle their funny bone, you’ve got another way of making money.

Book Release
A book launch event can be very overwhelming if it’s the first time. Make it special for the authors, whether it is the first or their 50th launch. Promote the event to your guests using social media or choose Yapsody’s premium event listing feature to showcase the events on our website. As attendees start pouring in, give them a free tour of your hotel after the launch. Also, you can take their details and offer them a discount or a coupon card since they’ve come through an existing event. This coupon can be used by them for room bookings.

Movie Screening
Change the set up of one section if you don’t have an inhouse cinema. Pick a day from the week to showcase movies with food and drinks. It’s a good way to catch up after a busy day at work. You can offer multiple ticket types just like they would at the theater. During the interval, they can pop into the snack section and go for a snack binge.

Interviews, when hosted at a hotel can add to the brand reputation of the company. Invite corporates to use your hotel space for important interviews. Offer refreshments and food to the recruiters and candidates at a fair price. Wow them with great food and a comfortable ambiance. Give the recruiters a good experience so you can become their venue partner for all the interviews.

Press Release
Press releases offer newsworthy information to the media reporters. Invite public relations specialists, celebrities and production houses to use your hotel space for their next press release. Ensure the hotel security is up and alert since you’d have some important leaders or celebrities at your hotel.

With all events, your hotel is sure to rev up quickly and generate an additional income which can be used to offer benefits to your staff or to better the customer experience. If you’re an event presenter planning any of these events, ease your journey. Sign up with Yapsody and choose from the multiple offers we have launched or use our promo code HOLIDAY25 to avail a 25% off.

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