Promotional Strategies For A Successful Christmas

Promotional Strategies For A Successful Christmas

When Christmas is around the corner, people are looking for reasons to spend, indulge, party, and enjoy the holiday season. And if you’re an event promoter, you should take advantage of this. But, at the same time, there are many event organizers who are trying to host the ultimate Christmas party and lure your potential guests & attendees. 

So, how do you make sure your promotional strategies triumph over your competition? Here’s how:

1. That Good Ol’ Mail

Some things never go out of style, and old-school mails are one of those things. Even though people ignore junk folders in their email inbox, they open EVERY mail that they get in their mailbox (except bills, maybe. Nobody likes opening bills). 

You could check out USPS’ Every Door Direct Mail service that lets you enter your address, ZIP code, or city and state for your target areas, and narrow down your audience using a simple tool. 

Pro-Tip: Traditional Card Invites and Handcrafted Christmas Invites are some of our top recommendations for event promoters when it comes to Quirky Christmas Party Invitations.

2. Word Of Mouth

An evergreen technique that’s still a golden promotional strategy during Christmas. Many people attend events because their friends or relatives are attending them, too. You could take word of mouth a step ahead and ask your event attendees turned brand advocates to spread the word in their network. 

You could arrange for small palm-sized printed invites, or Christmas hampers containing an invite and cookies that your loyalists and brand advocates can pass around to potential guests and attendees.

3. Micro-Site

Opt for a micro-site dedicated to your Christmas events, and enhance your event SEO in a way that revolves around keywords that reaches your holiday season target audience. Have a warm welcome video that embraces the Christmas festivities on your site, ways they can share the event with others, social media integration, DDTVs, and a link to your main website. 

P.S.  – Signing up on Yapsody gives you access to all of the above in the form of a branded Online Ticket Store, inbuilt Event SEO tool, and other Website Integrations for improving your event promotion online. 

4. Social Media To The Rescue 

As an event organizer doubling up as an event marketer, managing social media will get hectic during the Christmas season. This is because you can’t wiggle your way out of social media when approximately 90% of your event promotions happen there. 

However, due to the fast-paced and ever-evolving nature of social media, it’s crucial to put all your events out there with the optimum hashtags and impactful event content

Make sure to bookmark our Event Marketing Guide For Managing Social Media that will bring your people together online and offline during Christmas.

5. Co-branded Christmas

Attend other community events where your target audience is likely to be and hand out invites or simply let the word of your event slip in your conversations. Better yet, generate brand sponsorship so that you can utilize their promotional channels to spread the word for your Christmas parties. 

You can showcase your event sponsor’s products or services as a promo to show up at your Christmas parties for even more goodies and giveaways. Make sure to check out our 5 To-Dos For Ticket Giveaways On Social Media.

6. Personalized Email Promos

Like mail, an email is always in style in the current digital ecosystem. As a matter of fact, emails have better conversion rates and show immediate results when compared to social media. 

Build highly targeted email templates and send out crisp newsletters informing your guests about your Christmas party. Through personalized email promos you can send exclusive invite-only codes, sponsored gift cards, and sprinkle some of those last-minute discounts and offers. Apart from the usual email marketing tricks, it’s a great way to keep them updated and engaged about your Christmas party as and when the event nears D Day. 

There you have it, folks! Our promotional strategies for a successful Christmas season full of events, joy, and merrymaking. Make sure to plan your party well in advance before you begin your promotion campaigns. Don’t forget to catch up on our Christmas planning resources while you sip on some hot chocolate. 

Christmas Planning Resources: 

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