Effective Promotional Strategies For Your Christmas Event

Effective Promotional Strategies For Your Christmas Event

When Christmas is around the corner, everyone is looking for reasons to spend and enjoy. And if you’re an event presenter, you can take advantage of this festive season. But, at the same time, don’t forget that like you, there are many others who are going to try to host Christmas events and lure your potential attendees into registering for their events. So, how do you make sure your promotional strategies look way beyond that kind of competition? Here’s how:


Some things never go out of style, and mails are one of those things. Even though people ignore junk folders in their email inbox, they open EVERY mail that they get in their mail box (except bills, maybe. Nobody likes opening bills). You could check out USPS’ Every Door Direct Mail service that lets you enter your address, ZIP code, or city and state for your target areas, and narrow down your audience using a simple tool. Also, a lumpy mail is an amazing idea because even when people know it is maybe junk mail, they’ll still open it excitedly. Put in balloons, Christmas bows, pens, or invite cards to make the envelope lumpy.


Again, an old technique that’s an amazingly effective marketing technique. Many people attend events because their friends or relatives are attending it, too. You could take word of mouth a step ahead and ask your trusted attendees to spread the word using small palm-sized printed invites, or Christmas packages containing an invite and cookies, maybe.


Put up a micro-site dedicated only to your Christmas event, and have good SEO for the site to make it revolve around keywords that your target audience is likely to search in this season. Have a warm welcome video that embraces the Christmas festivities on your site, ways they can share the event with others, social media integration, DDTVs, and a link to your main website.


Purchase advertising benefits to promote your event in front of your target audience on Facebook. Get your graphic designers to work on a cover photo and profile picture for your event. Design digital content that your attendees can easily share, and encourage them to share it on their groups and pages. Event pages can be highly beneficial for your event if you put them to optimum use.


Attend other events in your community or where your target audience is likely to be and hand out invites to your event or simply let the word of your event slip in your conversations. You can even formally partner up with these event presenters to publicize your event during theirs. Always remember, you won’t get something till you ask for it.


Like mail, email will always stay in style. As a matter of fact, emails have better conversion rates than social media. Build highly targeted email lists and send out crisp newsletters informing the receivers about your event. Encourage them to share your event with their folks so that they have company, and you have a successful event or concert.

A Very Merry Christmas, y’all!


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