How To Increase Your Email Subscribers List

How To Increase Your Email Subscribers List

Alright, maybe the e-xpansion was stupid, but it was worth a try. And so are the tips mentioned in this blog to grow your email database and as an innocent consequence, boost your event ticket selling (here’s when I say “what up!” Barney Stinson style). According to a few researches (I still wonder who does them, but they come in handy when you’re writing something like this, so, keep up the good work, guys!), almost 35% of event managers answered “email” when asked what was the most effective marketing strategy for event promotion. The rest of them replied “social media”, “banner ads”, “mouth-to-mouth” (marketing, d’uh!) and everything else that most of you have already read volumes on. So, this one’s for the soul of Bloody Mary who has been dying over the past ten years over and over again in cursed email chains – 


Honestly, just haunt them. You think that cute little “Please enter your email address to subscribe to our pretty newsletters” is going to work? Picture this: getting viewers to subscribe to your newsletter is like telling a most caring, loving, and hopeful woman that her husband died – she won’t listen to you or agree until you shake her really hard and yell in her face that he’s dead. Pop-ups, scroll-triggered boxes, violently colorful “SIGN UP” buttons on every side of the page – do all of it till they get tired of ignoring and eventually subscribe.


How often have you stumbled across a website and actually have stayed on, clicked here and there, checked stuff out? Ain’t nobody got time for that, eh? And so is the deal with your website, too. People tend to “bounce” off the website after what is technically termed as “single-page sessions” (when someone leaves your website right off the first page without any further interaction) and this has many reasons:

  1. Maybe the website wasn’t user-friendly
  2. Maybe the entire information was in the first page (that’s a good thing)
  3. Maybe it just wasn’t intriguing enough to hang in there for longer

Whatever the reason may be, if you want them to proceed to the part where they actually subscribe, you need to eliminate at least two of the above reasons.


Viewers subscribing to your newsletter because they just found your website “so awesome it was hard to resist signing up” is too fairytale-ish – it sounds good, definitely, just too good to be true. On the other hand, you tell them subscribing at that very instant will get them a free goodie (which, incidentally, they’re not even going to use. Ever.) and you’ll have a database that can span the Great Wall of China in less than a week.


In other words, run a competition. It’s pretty much the same thing as incentives; only, incentives are a little laid back while competitions are, well, mad. People love a race – they’d run a rat race in spite of the fact that you stay a rat even if you win. Again, they don’t care what prize it is and how much they need it, they simply want to win. There, that’s the catch. Make sure your prizes are, however, centered around your event so that people who are genuinely interested in your event would sign up and not just people who want to win prizes. Alright, you’re being evil, but what was Satan but an angel?

At the end of the day, they HAVE to be too good to be true.

Nobody in their right minds would want to miss out on genuinely interesting content, and that’s exactly what you’ve to give them. Creating engaging content are three words that sound extremely simple and are just as tough to follow through. You need to understand that these people are going to receive your newsletter along with a hundred other emails saying “You’ve been awarded $1,000,000,000 by the Nigerian Prince!!!!” and that’s exactly what your content has to overshadow. So make sure it’s worth those billion dollars.




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