How to Increase Fan Engagement For your Events in [current_year]

How to Increase Fan Engagement For your Events in [current_year]

It’s important to keep ticket sales ticking but, more than that, earning loyal fans matter the most for any event presenter for running events like casinos, concerts, theatres etc. After earning fans, it becomes all the more important to keep them engaged so as not to lose them.

As we live in a tech-savvy world, there are several technology based methods that simplify your job of getting connected with your fans. It’s all about using the apt event technology and social technology to get the maximum out of the stocked up database.

Feedback Please

What is the best way to know about your fans likes and dislikes? ASK. Yes, asking them about their opinions, and seeking their valuable feedback help in discovering more about them. You shouldn’t hesitate to ask for their feedback – negative or positive; be open to them and see where and how you can implement them to give your fans a better and satisfactory experience.

 Be there on Social Media

We simply can’t do away with social media technology. It is here on this medium that you can get most of your fans, and understand them better. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram, they are out everywhere. So, creating proper social media tactics to capture these fans will be a wise thing to do. Make yourself available in real-time on this platform to interact with them and get their immediate responses. Always come up with new and interesting contents on your social channels to keep them hooked, and also to get an idea of their activity on social media.

Using WiFi and Mobile Apps

Setting up Wi-Fi routers at event venue can prove to be a useful source to collect data. With fast Wi-Fi network connection, you can generate a vast pool of data, which when analysed properly can yield great results for your business. Mobile application is another effective tool to gather and analyse data. Based on the data analysis, you can identify those who are genuinely interested in you and build your marketing strategies without wasting time and efforts.

Involving your fans

The whole idea is about turning your event attendees to loyal fans. And that’s only possible, when they feel to be a part of your event. Giving them a sense of involvement through many ways can go a long way in building a strong relationship. May be an opportunity to sing along or interact with the performer can create more personalized experiences for them. You can reward your most loyal fans with ticket discounts or free tickets to increase their engagement.

So, let’s get on to utilize these ideas to give your fans an enjoyable experience as, you know, they are your sales driving force.

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