How To Improve Your Ticket Sales Through MailChimp

How To Improve Your Ticket Sales Through MailChimp

MailChimp is a leading email marketing platform designed to automate your marketing process and grow your event attendees. With our MailChimp integration, you can quickly import your customer list into your account and take off with all your email marketing campaigns. Apart from promoting your upcoming events, sending invites, and newsletters, here is a qualitative plan to improve your ticket sales online through MailChimp. 

Address Your Recipients In Your Subject Line

Speak directly to your user in the subject line as many of the recipients love being addressed by their name. An average person gets bombarded with a lot of emailers on a daily basis so it’s crucial to break through the clutter with a personalized subject line. Keep a bank of subject lines in reserve and keep refreshing them to analyze which one has a healthy open rate.

Correctly Timing Your Emailers

A no-brainer for any event marketer. Email Marketing holds no value if you’re sending out emailers randomly. Being in the entertainment sector, your audience might check for events over the weekend rather than on weekdays. Or maybe they check their emails right before work or before going to bed. Figuring out your audience personas and their online habits is key to acing email open rates.  Use MailChimp’s email personalization to fill in names and send emails at the correct time zone. 

Keep It Short and To The Point

The average attention span of users has been reduced to a GIF or a video which should dissipate maximum information in a short span of time. Similarly, your email content should be broken down into pointers that can be easily digested. Your job is to convey the event details through short and simple messaging. Don’t bombard them with jargon and imagery that diverts them from your Call-To-Action.

Personalize Your Email Templates

Create your own email designs with a drag-and-drop email designer with MailChimp. Your users will love your brand and event persona reflecting in your emailers. No one likes a drab, shoddy looking emailer that looks like a last-minute effort. It’s okay to send out emailers once a week, but make sure it’s unique and value-adding. Creating compelling and visually strong templates will save you a lot of time in the long run. 

Create A Sense Of Urgency

Event marketing is a time-oriented branch of marketing. The plan for bringing any talent on board for an event begins months before. Similarly, for your tickets to sell out, you should try selling them in phases. Early bird discounts or group discounts create a sense of urgency and tend to sell out faster.  Last-minute deals also work well provided you’ve not already sold-out. As a part of their brand loyalty, you can send emailers to your recurring event attendees with a special discount or a referral bonus to bring a friend. A win-win situation where you get old and new attendees for your event. 

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