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How To Host The Perfect Christmas Brunch

How To Host The Perfect Christmas Brunch

Christmas party planning with a special dinner and desserts menu can mean a lot of work each and every year. Although Christmas is a time to relax and rejuvenate with your friends & family, you end up working harder only to make sure everything is perfect. 

This year, switch it up by hosting a Christmas brunch and have a great time with your friends and family or neighborhood. Make sure to sign up with us to ensure that our platform does all the heavy lifting this holiday season.

Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide To Make it An Enjoyable Brunch:

1. Plan It In Advance

Whether you plan to host a homely brunch or a big neighborhood get-together, plan it well in advance and keep a steady budget in mind. If you’re hosting it at home, decorating your house won’t be necessary as it is the Christmas season and by then your house is all decked up already. 

But if you’re hosting this event for the community, pick an outdoor venue or community hall. Our Event Venue Checklist should help you plan it wisely.

2. Pick A Brunch Theme

Pick an inspiring theme for your Christmas brunch. Willy Wonka, Winter Wonderland, Grinch and Elf, or simple Classic Christmas are some of the themes you can choose from. So, if you’re implementing the elf theme, you can host a costume contest too. Let your guests and kids dress up in their best attire. 

The best costume gets a bag full of candy canes. Decorate your venue with elf hats and shoes. You can even get elf dinner plates and napkins to match your theme.

3. Send Out Fancy Invites

Christmas itself brings a lot of excitement and joyful cheer with it. You can use Canva’s Card Maker or Photoshop to spread the cheer with Christmas invites. Let’s say, it’s the Santa theme, create an invite with Christmas trees and Santa riding on the sleigh with your brunch details, the venue, timing, and any other specifics if you feel is necessary. 

If the Christmas brunch is for your friends or a small group of people, you can make it special by using our quirky Christmas invitation ideas. If you’re hosting a Christmas brunch for your community,  just send access codes along with your invites to make it a private and exclusive brunch.

4. Let The Creative Juices Flow

Whether you’re organizing a brunch at home or a public venue, you can use different creative activity ideas to make the Christmas brunch a success.

  • Host a Cook-Off/Bake-Off 

Since everyone will be tired after a fun Christmas night, they can use quick and simple recipes to make an instant breakfast. Hashbrown breakfast, gingerbread rolls, and eggnog pancakes are some of the dishes you can think of for a quick yet filling Christmas brunch.

  • Organize Pot luck

The benefit of a potluck is that you get to try a variety of sweet and savory food from everyone. How about an out-of-the-box Taste Test Food Event that will bring all the foodies and connoisseurs under one roof for an experience of exciting culinary delights?

  • Order In Or Takeaways

Arrange for a quality food distributor, food truck, or event catering to deliver chosen food items that will satisfy everyone’s takeaway cravings.

5. Follow It Up With Games

Games and activities create beautiful memories and help break the ice when you meet new people in your community. Christmas Bingo, white elephant, and elf trivia are some of the games you can choose from to make the Christmas brunch fun and exciting. If you’ve already played these games the night before, you can organize minute to win it games too, they are quick and you have thousands of ‘em. Read more about Christmas party games and ideas here.

6. Spare Time For Socializing

Admit it, we get so busy with our daily chores and office work, that there’s no time to meet your friends(except for the occasional Instagram stalking). Christmas comes once a year so use it as an opportunity to connect with your friends, family, or neighbors. 

Play games, drink beer, click photos, chit-chat, do a barbeque and have a great time. For a large Christmas get-together, you can have photo booths with props like Santa hats and shoes. That way, attendees of all ages can have fun, take selfies and create a lot of memories this Christmas season.

7. Do Giveaways

Who doesn’t love a little something sweet after a meal? Be it a small pack of cookies and candy canes or a cool toy for kids, giveaways are a great way of showering your love during Christmas. For a larger event, you can announce spot prizes for a lot of things like anyone with the longest hair, photo of their family in the wallet or anyone wearing the longest heels.

Go ahead and plan a delectable and enjoyable Christmas brunch with this guide. Be it a brunch, a high tea or an exclusive Christmas dinner, you can create and manage all your events by signing up with us.

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