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How To Hack Your Way Into Maximum Ticket Sales

How To Hack Your Way Into Maximum Ticket Sales - Yapsody

How To Hack Your Way Into Maximum Ticket Sales

For most event presenters, the basic figure of merit is the ticket sales that measures exactly how successful your event was. Usually, good conventional marketing techniques can spread awareness about your event and definitely create a buzz on the social media, but if you want to learn how to drive attendees to your event, there are some marketing tricks you should be aware of.

SEO Maximization

Driving attendees to your event is not a step; it’s a process, the first step of which is driving them to your website. Majorly, websites are brought into the picture in the form of search results, so if you want your event to be a result ranked high up, you’ll have to optimize your website to sell tickets online and make it keyword-centric. SEO is an affordable and effective marketing strategy that can drive qualified traffic to your website, which can further translate into increased ticket sales.

Website Testing

Your website is the first impression you create on your potential attendees, so you have to make sure it’s a good one. Having a functional website is not the same as having a beautifully designed, optimized, and of course, fully functional website. While it’s the virtue of e-commerce websites to have an appealing UI, it will be highly advantageous for your event if your website has the right colors and fonts for the striking features.

Social Media Integration

Because if it’s not on Facebook, it’s not good enough. After ‘what came first, the chicken or the egg?’, the next big question of the universe is, ‘does social media run in the world, or does the world run on social media?’. Whatever may be the answer, an event presenter has to come to terms with the fact that social media marketing is the key to brand awareness. Your event management software should make sure it incorporates social media. For example, Yapsody has social media widgets to facilitate social media integration easily.

Utilize Your Speakers

Maybe that’s not an appropriate way to put it, but your speakers can be extremely useful when it comes to promoting your event because they already have a huge fan-base. They are busy folks, so you might have to work their talks and promotional images, but seeing you take efforts for them, they’ll be delighted to be a part of your event. Give them special promo codes or offers that they can offer their own followers for attending the event and make brilliant posters for them and use these to connect to their followers directly.

Multi-channel Marketing

Using platforms that are already bases for interaction between your potential attendees will favor you, because they’ll see you as approachable and one of them. Make sure you have an account for your event on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest, if needed. If you’re hosting a professional event, LinkedIn can serve as a big platform to meet people in your industry. Create open groups and include the link to buy event tickets in there, you’ll be surprised at the response you receive.

Real Time Analysis

Obtaining real time information about your ticket sales and statistics can help you track your ROI efficiently. While Google Analytics stands as the best way to accomplish the analysis, you can also use an event management software that ensures these features. Yapsody’s YapStats is one such application that helps you track your ticket sales and similar data in real time.

Attendees or Ambassadors?

Figure out the incentives that your potential audience would love to be offered, and come up with competitions and referral plans to drive your ticket sales. These may include special discounts, VIP seats, freebies, or whatever appeals to your target audience.

Custom Facebook Ads

Apart from being a social media platform, Facebook is a gigantic database of all kinds of people and can tell you exactly what is it that is liked and ‘unliked’ by your potential attendees. You can use Facebook’s custom audience feature to ensure that your advertisement is only viewed by your past attendees, present contacts, and their friends. Also, uploading a CSV of your database or your LinkedIn contacts will ensure that Facebook only shows your ads to the ones whose email matches with those in your CSV.


If you have a decent marketing budget, you might want to invest in paid advertising campaigns that follow your website visitors even after they’ve left your site. Your ads will now pop up in front of users who have already been introduced to your event, and your campaign will make much more sense that way.


This takes us back to the first point regarding SEO which tells you that keyword rich content can work wonders for your website’s ranking in search results. To achieve this, a very simple measure is to start a blog and put up posts that are keyword-centric without having to modify your existent website content. Your blog can be used as a platform to engage with your audience, publicize your event and also glorify your speakers and sponsors.

The term ‘hack’ is self-explanatory here, because as you actually inculcate these factors in your strategies, you’ll realize that there is nothing that could possibly go haywire with these techniques. They are the little tricks that a magician should always have up his sleeve in case the ‘big act’ doesn’t work out.

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