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How To Choose Your Event Planning Niche

How To Choose Your Event Planning Niche

Event planning as a career can play out through different genres, niches, and expertise. If you’re someone who’s just starting their event manager journey, you might be considering the best course of action to make your mark in the event industry.  

Being an event ticketing partner catering to different genres of event categories being organized, we’re here to help you choose a relevant event planning niche and types of events under it. 

Crucial Aspects To Consider While Choosing Your Event Planning Niche: 

  • Market Demand: Choose target markets where you can easily satisfy and create events without hassles. Ideally, audiences that want a particular type of event would be the best bet. Conduct thorough competitive market research using these 7 Types of Marketing Surveys that would help you gather real-time data points before choosing your niche.
  • Competitor Analysis: Are you bringing a knife to a gunfight? Better to take stock of an event planning niche that has fewer competitors and allows newcomers into the market. Start easy but start steady! 
  • Personal Expertise & Preferences: Like bringing the freshest musical acts and bands to your local neighborhood? Consider your personal styles and preferences when planning to latch on to a particular niche.
  • Desired Income: Plan out whether choosing a particular niche or branching out into diverse events helps you reach your desired income.  
  • Passion & Endurance: Do you have the passion for enduring some of the worst nightmares of an event presenter? Only a strong passion for making people come together will help you create a long-standing brand. If yes, do proceed ahead to check out different niches and how to break out into them. 

Choosing From Different Types of Event Niches: 

1. Social Events

One of the most commonly chosen paths by event planners is social events due to its ease of organizing and managing. Many event planning professionals choose social events as their niche because they can branch out into different types of event categories such as Christmas parties, live concerts, food festivals, baby showers, and so on.

These niches are easy to break into as you need to have a basic understanding of event planning and management. Also, these events are meant to help your guests be social, bond together, mingle, and have a good time.

2. Corporate Events

A step up from your social events is one for the professionals and thought leaders of any industry. Seminars, workshops, office parties, corporate retreats, product launches, and annual expos are some of the event types that you will be working towards in this niche.

To help you break out into such niche events, you need to have a good background of that particular industry, business vertical, and sponsorship generation. This will help you streamline your event agenda better to match a company’s goal of organizing events with you.

3. Virtual Events

A fairly new type of event niche that has spiraled into success due to the pandemic. Industry experts feel that taking the virtual route here to stay in a hybrid manner. However, those wanting to explore the virtual event planning roadmap need to have a steep learning curve about the various live streaming technologies and platforms.

Care to hop on a Zoom call, anyone? Don’t forget to check these 5 Types Of Virtual Events to Bring People Together.

4. Luxurious Events

Planning a Casino Royale-inspired poker tournament? Then you’re planning to cater to an elite audience of VIPs and high rollers who like everything to be premium. Luxurious events and shows take a certain caliber or years of experience before you can pull off a successful one. 

Casinos, anniversaries, weddings, or invite-only events come with a set of challenges such as working with a niche audience and their particular set of requirements. Have that worked out and you can move into the creme de la creme of the event planning industry.

5. Non-Profit & Charity Events

The whole part where you bring people together for a memorable experience becomes stronger through a non-profit or charitable event. When you’re going on the path of doing good for the community, your niche as an event planner becomes that of a humanitarian.

As an event organizer signed up with Yapsody, you also get to avail of a FLAT 50% rebate when you create events for charities and fundraisers. Non-profits might not have a huge payoff but it leaves you with the personal satisfaction of having done something for the good of others.

While you don’t need to select an event planning niche, it can surely give you a direction to navigate your way in the event planning business. Don’t forget to read our ticketing case studies that will help you learn from other event organizers and event venues using Yapsody. 

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