Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing An Event Date

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing An Event Date

Event management can get tricky with so many variables coming into play in a single equation. Top that up with the usual fears and anxiety that give event managers sleepless nights.

However, all hope is never lost and by following some simple yet sure to work tips, you can steer any event towards success.

1. Do Your Homework

In the world of event management, knowledge truly is power. In Competing on Analytics, which appeared in the Harvard Business Review, Thomas H. Davenport presents analytics competition as the future of business. It goes a long way to collect data from events you or others around you might have organised in the recent past.

By analysing the successes and failures faced in relation to the dates on which the events were scheduled, you can narrow down the probability to a date that is likely to guarantee a successful event.

2. Personalise the Event Date

In a B2C setting it is necessary to think ‘people’. No matter how good you think your event is going to be, if people are not in the mood on your chosen date, you are doomed. Which is why, it is necessary to personalize your event according to the mood of the masses.

In the US holidays such as Christmas, the 4th of July, major baseball or soccer events are all bad choices since people would rather hang out with family and friends and make barbecue that take the trouble to attend your event. So, in all cases you must try to feel the public pulse before coming up with a date.

Additionally it can do your company a world of good if you can schedule an event on a day that is special to your business such as an anniversary of the establishment of your company, the birthday of the founder or the day a big merger took place.

3. Chose a Date that Matches the Event’s Focus

It is usually a good idea to take advantage of International days dedicated to the central focus of your event. For instance if your event is about women entrepreneurs, International Women’s Day would be a great choice. Just look for a date that resonates with the theme and focus of your event and you will be sure to gather audience.

4. Do a Quick SWOT Analysis

Now this is a sure-fire technique that is bound to work. Once you have come up with a number of probable dates for your event, make Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats table. So what you do is you quickly analyse each parameter for the days you have in mind.

All the days that present threats and would weaken the events success rate are automatically eliminated while the day that seems to have the greatest strengths and presents maximum opportunities for the event’s success wins.

Yes, it can be as straightforward as playing tic-tac-toe. All you have to do is get your hands on some data, analyse it, come up with some dates, feel the public mood and do a quick SWOT analysis, and there you have the perfect date.

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