How to Celebrate the Holiday Season Like A True Texan

How to Celebrate the Holiday Season Like A True Texan

The epitome of the wild west and the second largest state in the US, Texas has a unique way of celebrating the holiday season. Everything’s bigger in Texas and so are the holiday season celebrations. While it all begins with Halloween, the Lone Star State lights up the city streets during Christmas like no other. If you want to celebrate this holiday season in style, do it the Texan way. Here’s how you go about it.

Light it Up
It’s common to see lights across the city in the United States. But when it comes to Texas, you’ll see even the white-tailed deer wrapped in lights (just kidding!) If you’re planning to celebrate your holiday season a bit differently, follow the cherished tradition and create a trail of lights to go with the Texas theme.

Deck the Halls
In Texas, people love nature and will do anything to bring it indoors. If you’re a nature lover, say no to plastic and decorate your house with plants. Be it Tamales or Poinsettias, celebrate your holiday season with plants around you. You can also create a natural wreath made of magnolia or Spanish moss. Go Texan, add lights to it.

What’s Cooking?
Chili is the official state dish of Texas. If you love spicy food, you can make beef with chili peppers and other spices. Alternatively, you can make a sweet pecan pie if you have a sweet tooth like us. If your planning a Christmas brunch, surprise your guests with some Tacos or buy a box full of traditional Texas kolaches. To know more about how to host a Christmas brunch, read our complete blog here.

Pick your Christmas Tree
In Texas, cutting your own Christmas tree from the tree farms is a common sight. If you don’t want to take the harder way out, go pick your favorite Christmas tree from the sales guy at the parking lot. Or if you want to reuse the same Christmas tree every year, go for a plastic one that looks as good as real and spruce it up with beautiful twinkling lights and ornaments.

Host a Christmas Dance
Texans love to dance. If you want to make this holiday season unique, host a Christmas dance but the Texan way. Let your attendees dress up as cowboys and cowgirls. With the best cowboy hats and boots, entertaining live music and the traditional Texas dance, your event is going to be a great hit. Alternatively, you can use one of our Christmas party ideas if you planning it with a smaller group of friends.

Go Ice Skating
People in Texas know exactly how to enjoy their holiday season regardless of the weather. Since it doesn’t snow during that time of the year, Texan families prefer going to Fredericksburg’s Eisbahn Outdoor Ice Skating event. If you’re already celebrating your festive season in a snowy region, you can go ice skating with your family or friends and enjoy hot chocolate with some marshmallow cookies or create your own ice skating event with us.

Organize a Country Christmas Music Concert
When you listen to country music, you can relate to Texas. So, if you’re planning Texan style Christmas, host a Country Christmas music concert. If your attendees love country music, they’re going to have a ball at your concert. You can always depend on us for your ticketing needs and take advantage of our special holiday season offers.

Host a Dickens on the Strand Festival
An annual festival held in Galveston, highlighting the architecture and Charles Dickens’ work. Every year, Texans continue the tradition with parades, non-stop entertainment, carolers, bagpipers and musicians. If you’re into events, host a Christmas or Halloween parade with talented artists, zombies, jugglers juggling eyeballs and so on.

Organize a Barbecue
People in Texas love to barbecue. Barbecue for Texans is meat smoked over wood at low for several hours. While they love their beef, particularly brisket, you can go with your choice of meat accompanied by some Spanish bean salad. Get the party started with some entertaining music and barrels of beers.

Go Out
During the holiday season, people in Texas go out and celebrate. Be it tubing down the river with some chilled beer or taking the family to check out the trail of lights at Austin, Texans love going out. You can begin your holiday season celebrating Oktoberfest on Oct 17th in Texas (if you’re there). You can also check the list of events happening around you in our blog or find events section of our site. To know more about Oktoberfest, read our blog – “Everything you need to know about 2019 Oktoberfest

Whether you do the Texan dance or organize a Country Christmas Music Concert, remember to keep the Texas spirit on this holiday season. You can also spread the joy by hosting your own event with us. Yapsody has rolled out some irresistible offers so YOU can create your next event with us. Know more about our offers or Sign up today to avail a flat 25% off on your event ticketing fee.

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