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How to Build Attendee Personas for Your Event

Attendee Personas

In event marketing, planning without building attendee personas, is like shooting in the dark. With two decades of industry expertise spanning concert promotion and production, we bring you insights that will streamline your event planning strategy. If you’re new to event management, here’s a quick takeaway to build audience personas that will streamline your events.

Setting-Up A Clear Criteria

To speed up the process of building attendee personas, you need to consolidate data by keeping these four parameters in mind:

1. Behavioral

The spending power and pattern of your event attendee are crucial in pricing your tickets. Which genres of entertainment do they enjoy? Which social media platforms do they use? What kind of food or alcohol do they prefer? Are they brand-conscious or budget-friendly? Do they party every weekend or once a month?

These types of questions and attendee feedback are crucial for navigating your event production to match your attendee’s expectations and create marketing personas 

2. Psychographic

Psychographic segmentation will help you gauge their personality, values, attitude, lifestyle, motivations,  and inspirations. It answers the most important question of “Why” they do. Why does your attendee like food festivals and not sporting events? Which personalities inspire him to lead a healthier life? Do they prefer quality over quantity?

3. Demographic

Demographic segmentation will fetch you basic information such as age, gender, education, occupation, and marital status. A good event marketer will take into consideration both the demographic and psychographic factors for better judgments. A 21-year-old graduate might be frequenting Instagram for the weekend event offers. Whereas a 35-year-old who is financially stable will book tickets for global events like Oktoberfest. This gives you an edge in pricing your tickets and gaining the most suited audience.

4. Geographic 

Audience location is the biggest factor for event production. An artist booked for a world tour can go horribly wrong if you don’t factor in local and regional elements like travel time, weather conditions, traffic volume from the airport to the venue. These data points go a long way in predicting and planning your events in terms of indoor-outdoor events, staging, and so on. 

As an event marketer, here are 7 Things You Should Keep in Mind When Booking Your Venue.

Surveys and Feedbacks 

Whether your event is going to be regional, national, or global, it’s important to collect data. Asking your attendees all the right questions will help you build the ideal attendee experience. Provide them with a platform that gives them the opportunity to tell you what they want.

With Yapsody, you can create highly complex, logic-based questionnaires or simply ask for attendee feedback. You can also create questions that the system will ask your attendee during the ticket booking process. After your event is done and dusted, you should retain those attendee personas and map their persona journey through all your upcoming events.

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