How Talent Buyers Can Save Your Entertainment Business

How Talent Buyers Can Save Your Entertainment Business

If you’re running a casino, hotel, restaurant, club, or theater providing some sort of entertainment value, you must be familiar with talent buyers. For the uninitiated,  a “Talent Buyer” is someone who can source, secure, and manage any form of entertainment for your venue. If your business is new and lacking in the entertainment front, here’s how talent buyers can save the day.  

Understanding Your Audience

A good talent buyer knows exactly which talent works best for your audience, making them an asset in boosting your business. You cannot host a musical at your theater if stand-up comedy is what works best with your audience. A professional talent buyer’s network includes performers, musicians, DJs, record labels, and media outlets which boosts footfalls to your venue.  They are tuned into the trends of the entertainment industry, so it’s guaranteed that they’ll bring value for your money.

Sourcing and Negotiating

You may feel you can negotiate with artists to perform at your venue. But, the entertainment business strives on trust. Having attended plenty of events, talent buyers have established their trustworthiness.  They’re a wizard in summoning talent that fits your budget. Sourcing popular talents comes with a lot of negotiation where even after sealing the deal, they might be a no-show due to unforeseen circumstances. A good talent buyer will have a contingency plan for a situation like this, thereby saving your money and reputation. 

Communicating and Executing

Suppose you’ve booked an iconic musician like Gary Allan to perform at your casino. The name itself will draw in the masses. But in many cases, the talent might be new and upcoming which your audience might not have heard of. In this case, your talent manager will develop an event marketing plan to target audiences that actually books the ticket. He will have his own logistics crew to execute the finer details, taking a huge load off your shoulders. 

Renting the Venue

So, your first event at your new restaurant went exceptionally well and now people want more. In the future,  you wish to host a fundraiser at a bigger, more premium venue to further cement your brand in the market. Arranging production services from a talent buying platform like Yapsody can further streamline the production and ticketing services which are crucial as well. Apart from selling out tickets for your fundraiser cookout to a larger audience, your brand name gets cross-promoted just by being associated with a premium venue. A win-win that was possible with a talent buyer and ticketing system by your side. 

With Yapsody by your side, you can streamline your entire talent buying and ticketing process. Our platform gets you a broad pool of multi-genre artists who have decades of experience in providing top-notch entertainment.

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