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How Our User-Access Control Enhances Your Event Management?

How Our User-Access Control Enhances Your Event Management?

Event management is a different ball game that requires a unified team effort for event success. It’s never a single-handed effort that goes into planning and marketing that makes it all happen. An event organizing firm or hospitality entity will have its own set of teams and designated experts to handle specific responsibilities. How well they work in tandem is a different story altogether. 

From giving access to our event ticketing features to making sure nothing is out of line, our User Access Control is meant to bring the best of your team’s efforts. Whether yours is a compact crew or a branched-out team that makes it happen, as a Yapsody user, you have the power to expedite their efforts and make your events a stellar success

Here’s How Our User-Access Control Enhances Your Event Management:

By assigning your dashboard users for our team members, even a ten-member team can function as an army of 300. Passing off ownership and a specialty-driven role to your team members enhances your event management by leaps and bounds.

On our event ticketing platform, you can assign roles based on their expertise and company designations such as: 


Allocating your team-specific roles that they are good at ensures the integrity and success of your whole event campaign.

Similarly, don’t give access to everyone on your team to handle your Yapsody account. Start by adding your core team members or department leads who will be operating the Yapsody ticketing dashboard by sending them an email invite.

Align or restrict specific user permissions to your team members based on their role in the dashboard at a granular level. Our User Access Control feature lets you align permissions that can range from Account Settings, Payment Methods, Ticket Store Setup, and Global Reports, etc.

These permissions are pre-defined to suit every team or individual contributor’s responsibilities in the overall scheme of things at your organization.

When adding users and team members to your Yapsody dashboards you can also restrict their access to specific events. This is ideal for venues that work with multiple event presenters. With User Access Control, you can also protect sensitive data by providing limited information to a particular team member.

As an owner and admin, you have the power to restrict who can create events, view event reports, scan tickets, configure admin settings, refund tickets, use marketing integrations, and much more.

We’ve witnessed a winning pattern among those brands that delegate their tasks smartly and achieve quick turnaround times. Whether it’s giving the team access to certain Yapsody features or perhaps making sure nothing is out of line, our Enterprise-Grade Features will bring out the best in your team.

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