How Likely Is It For The People Of USA To Attend Live Concerts?

How Likely Is It For The People Of USA To Attend Live Concerts?

With summer setting in just in time for the phase-wise opening in the USA, you might consider planning a live concert or show in your region. Regulations easing off and businesses starting to open up seem like a good sign for the event community as well. To gauge expectations in the new normal, we’ve garnered several valuable insights on audience preferences and expectations by asking respondents from all over the U.S. on their likelihood of attending live concerts.

We believe this report will not only facilitate strategic decision making for US-based venue presenters and concert organizers. You can download our full infographic here – US Concert Insights In A Post COVID-19 Era.

For those wanting to briefly glance through respondent likelihood in the USA, here’s what you need to know.

1. State-wise Likelihood For Attending Live Concerts

States across the western & central region of the USA appear to have a higher inclination compared to other parts. Highly populous states like California and smaller states like Idaho and Utah also appear to have a sizable audience willing to attend concerts.

Statewise USA Live Concerts

2. Likelihood of Attending Live Concerts With or Without Regulations

While fans are likely to attend concerts, they appear to prefer having safety measures at the venue. The likelihood of attending indoor concerts with regulations is lower than that of attending an outdoor concert without or minimal regulations.

USA Indoor Concerts

The mandatory regulation of wearing face masks and maintaining a distance of 6 feet from strangers appears to be the most preferred amongst survey respondents. Learn more about Choosing An Indoor or Outdoor Venue In The New Normal

3. Region-wise Likelihood of Attending Live Concerts

The likelihood of attending concerts, in general, appears to be higher amongst concert attendees in the West and Midwest when compared to those from the Southeast, Southwest, and Northeast.

USA Region Wise Live Concert

The likelihood of attending outdoor concert performances is higher compared to indoor concert performances across fan categories.

4. Top States Most Likely To Attend Indoor & Outdoor Live Concerts 

Respondents from US states which are smaller in size and less affected by COVID-19 appear more likely to attend a live concert over other states.

Top USA States For Live Concerts

Fans in Wyoming and South Dakota are more likely to attend concerts once they resume. Idaho, Utah, and Louisiana residents are particularly likely to attend indoor concerts, while Kansas, Tennessee, and West Virginia residents prefer outdoor concerts.

We hope our US Concert Survey Infographic helps you plan your upcoming summer concerts with the best outcomes in a safe manner. For more event industry insights during the COVID era, check out our event ticketing blog.

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