How Can Non-Profits Shine During COVID-19?

How Can Non-Profits Shine During COVID-19?

COVID-19 has brought the world to its knees and with it put a standstill to the pillars of our society as well. But being the resilient, strong, and creative lot that we are, humans all over the world have collectively come together to battle this. You could say it’s a major event and gathering of sorts but in the safety of one’s home. Out of all these front line workers and doctors, non-profit organizations and charitable institutions have opened up their hearts to donate to their communities in a time of need. Are you a non-profit entity looking to do your bit while maintaining social distancing? 

Here’s How Our Non-Profit Event Organizers Can Shine During COVID-19

1. Play To Your Strengths

Identify what exactly is missing from your hospitals and clinics or perhaps your old-age homes. They are the ones who are in dire need of equipment and safety gear to tackle this challenge. Ask your local and national authorities in ways that you can help and gather resources while donating money. 

2. Collaborate With Other Non-Profits

Now is the best time to reach out to other like-minded individuals and organizations whose bandwidth matches your goals in providing help to COVID-19 afflicted communities. More hands and minds working together could only mean a faster and stronger resolution to deal with COVID-19. 

3. Move Your Fundraisers Event Online

Through our event ticketing platform, while creating and managing your events you can change your event into a web event. By doing so, you can update your online event’s registration links, ticket price, LIVE stream links and so on. Learn more about Taking The Virtual Route For Hosting Events.

4. Accept Donations On Your Online Ticket Store

If you’re a non-profit entity, you’re eligible to receive our flat 50% rebate on your monthly invoice for any fundraising or charitable event you sell tickets for.  We also have a feature called “Accept Donations” which is specially designed for non-profit entities to be able to collect donations from their Online Ticket Store. It is applicable for presenters across all our pricing tiers, irrespective of whether it is a general admission or reserved seating event.

We hope you make full use of our event ticketing system for your fundraising activities. With Yapsody you can always choose to Pass On your ticketing fees to your attendees and take advantage of our credit period to save your money during this critical phase. 

If you have any queries while setting up our online events, reach out to

We hope event organizers and concert managers all over the globe are taking the necessary social distancing protocols for their safety. The world needs more people who can bring communities together online during these unprecedented times. 

Stay tuned for more tips on handling the COVID situation and learn more through our COVID-19 Resources for Event Presenters.

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