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Guide To Post-Event Evaluation Surveys

Guide To Post-Event Evaluation Surveys

Post-event evaluation may not be the most interesting of tasks for an event organizer but it surely is the gold standard for measuring success. Wondering if your food festival caterers were excellent or perhaps the new artist lineup at your concert event lived up to their hype? All of those can be answered through a well-designed and structured post-event evaluation or analysis.

Signing up with Yapsody gives you access to our Surveys & Questionnaires features which helps you create logic-based surveys to evolve the overall event experience for you and your attendees. It might seem tricky at first, but post-event evaluation figures out what went good, what went bad, and what could be improved. 

Importance of Post-Event Evaluation:

  • To learn if your event achieved its goals or business expectations. 
  • To verify if your event met the attendees, guests, or sponsor’s expectations.
  • To gather data and insights that’ll improve your event planning, logistics, marketing, and on-ground activities. 
  • To know if brand awareness and recall have improved among your audience.
  • To incorporate feedback from event attendees and improve your brand reputation.
  • To rectify anything that is critically affecting your overall event experience on a granular level. 

Now, that you know how it can really be a turning point in your event planning, it’s simply about choosing the right survey format for your event management style. It might be a no-brainer for a few seasoned event planners, but for those still trying to wrap their head around it, here’s the low down. 

Types of Survey Formats 

  • Yes/No  
  • Rating by numbers or stars
  • Open-ended format
  • Drop-down options

Once you’ve shortlisted the type of post-event evaluation surveys that you want to conduct, choose to phase them out based on the selection of 20 questions we’ve listed below. Feast your eyes and make the most out of your post-event follow-ups and match your future event goals.

20 Post-Event Evaluation Survey Questions:

  1. Did the [event name] meet your expectations?
  2. What did you like most about the event? 
  3. What was the highlight/key takeaway from the event? 
  4. What did you not like about the event? (Please share details)
  5. Who was your favorite artist/speaker/performer at the event? 
  6. How did you come to know about our event? (Friends, Social Media, Other)
  7. How would you rate the overall ticket booking experience? 
  8. What kind of ticket discounts did you avail of? 
  9. What kind of ticket discounts are you expecting at our upcoming events? (Group discount, family discount, early bird)
  10. Was this your first time attending a music festival [event type/event category]? 
  11. Was the event venue/location easy to find? 
  12. Did the food or dining experience live up to your expectations? 
  13. Were the event safety protocols up to the mark?
  14. How well-organized was the event venue? 
  15. Was your event-check in process smooth? 
  16. Did our on-ground team/staff manage to host you as expected? 
  17. Are there any suggestions you’d like to share for your upcoming events?
  18. How likely are you to attend one of our upcoming events?
  19. How likely are you to suggest our events to your friends & family? 
  20. Share your thoughts & suggestions for us to improve on. 

We hope you gain valuable feedback from this curated list of post-event evaluation survey questions. Make sure that it appeals to your guests and attendees in sharing their honest feedback. Also, more such curated event-related tips and guides, stay tuned to our blog and subscribe for more.

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