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Guide To Planning Halloween Parties

Guide To Planning Halloween Parties

Halloween events and parties are all about the spooky spirit of the season and having a thriller of a time. However, as an event organizer planning a Halloween party requires creative event management that will appeal to your target audiences.

Since your audience of witches & wizards anticipates a ball of a time, it is only acceptable that you give them a magical experience. Turn your ordinary Halloween into an extraordinary experience with the help of our 10-Step Guide.

1. Pick A Thriller Of A Theme

First things first, you need to pick a Halloween theme that will entice your target audience. Do they fancy themselves brain-eating zombies, a bunch of Potterheads, or ready to go all-out Squid Game for their Halloween party? WIthout being a mystic, you can figure out in advance what’s on their mind with our Surveys & Questionnaires feature.

Your event theme is the deciding factor for the tone and outcome of your event, so don’t forget to peep through our Top 10 Halloween Themes that will inspire your creative bone.

2. Organize A Haunted Drive-Thru

A highway to hell or perhaps a haunted drive-thru restaurant that would appeal to the audiences? Organizing haunted drive-thrus was the flavor of the season during 2020 and remains to be one of the most ​​innovative forms of outdoor entertainment that follow mandatory safety regulations.

For those event attendees who don’t wish to get caught up in a crowd yet don’t wish to miss out on Halloween season, this one’s for them. Learn more about Organizing Different Types of Haunted Drive-Thrus to bring the frights and delights without flouting social distancing.

3. Send Out Custom Halloween Invites

Amp up your Halloween themes by opting for fancy customized E-tickets and event invites that your party animals will feel compelled to share on their social media. Jack-O’-Lantern GIFs, Zombie-based invites, or Harry Potter letters will have your target audience excited from the word “GO”.

Pro-Tip: Once your custom invites are ready, spread that fairytale of an event far and wide with our email marketing integration to your attendee lists.

4. Keep It Kid-Friendly

Halloween was primarily focused on kids going out to Trick Or Treat. Keeping with the traditions, many parents want their kids to get a taste of it, but not at the cost of risking their safety. Once you have your event planning centered on making it kid-friendly, you can hope to see both the parents + kids getting interested in your party. Make sure you’re following govt approved rules and event safety regulations expected by your attendees.

Once that is sorted, you can follow up with our 10 Not-So-Spooky Halloween Party Ideas for Kids to keep those creative juices flowing.

5. Don’t Let Halloween Decor Play Spoilsport

Take Halloween safety and sanitation seriously but don’t go overboard and spoil the event budget for other event production-related costs. Halloween events require the decor to be top-notch, but there’s definitely a way out for those who are looking for a no-frills-only-chills affair.

Pick out a few from 10 budget-friendly Halloween party ideas and don’t let the Halloween woes play spoilsport during the spooky season.

6. Make It Exclusive

Our Invite-Only Codes turned out to be one of the stand-out features during the COVID-19 pandemic as event organizers were inclined towards exclusive events with a selected number of attendees. Your party could also target niche audiences rather than getting the whole town involved. 

Smaller events = more safety & double the spook factor

7. Be A Horror-ific Host

Whether it is your first time organizing a Halloween party or you’re known to host them annually, you need to be a part of the event bringing a certain element of horror or spookiness. Event hosts are meant to be polite, accommodating, and the life of the party. Well, since it’s Halloween, you can take the liberty of being a Horror-ific host and bring out your team of Vampire Volunteers to set the tone for a spooky, horror-filled night for audiences.

Make sure you go through our Guide For Being The Perfect Host Of Halloween Party and you’ll have your party-goers in a trance in no time.

8. Hashtag Your Way To Their Minds

Your Halloween venue, safety protocols, event themes, and ticket details need to be promoted well in advance. Halloween is one of the high on visual events and Instagram is your best bet to highlight those moments.

Make sure you’re referring to our Event Marketer’s 9 -Step Instagram Guide to help you hash out those visually impactful social media campaigns.

9. Make It A Family Package 

Well, not every family can be the perfect Addams Family that turns up at your Halloween party but you never know who might surprise you. With our Discounts & Packages feature, create the ultimate ticket pricing strategy by creating a package deal for the family. 

Pro-Tip: Create a Halloween deal such as 2 parents + 1 child or 2 children + 1 adult supervisor that makes it budget-friendly. This way you can easily sell out more tickets with this strategy and improve your chances of people attending Halloween parties

10. Stir Up Those Last-Minute Surcharges

You know the drill. Your party is turning out to be the hottest party on the block and everyone wants in on the action. Well, as an event organizer, we don’t blame you for wanting to make the most of it.

With our Surcharge feature, sell out those last-minute tickets at a premium price so that you can sit back and enjoy that Pumpkin Spice Latte in peace. While you’re at it, make sure to check our 6 Strategic Measures to Sell Out Your Halloween Event

There you have it, folks! Our 10-Step Guide To Planning Halloween. What are you waiting for? Sign up with Yapsody and make your holiday season a grand success by creating and managing your events, seamlessly.

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