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Guide To Planning Christmas Parties

Guide To Planning Christmas Parties

Christmas is just around the corner bringing with it the winter joy, mistletoes, plenty of shopping, and of course parties. The winter holiday season is perfect for hosting a Christmas brunch or a dinner party with your family, friends, and neighborhood. 

For event organizers like yourself, you may want to branch out into brunch, dinner, cocktail parties, kiddie bash, and themed office parties to make your holiday season a truly merry one. With our handy guide by your side,  you could use the festive season to your advantage while making it truly a Merry one. 

1. Pick A Christmas Theme

Pick a suitable Christmas theme that best compliments your party style. You may want to pick a different theme based on the type of audience you cater to. If it’s an office Christmas party choose from a Masquerade Ball, Secret Santa, or perhaps 12 Days Of Christmas dress up. If you’re planning an event for families, then maybe opt for something like a Cookie Exchange or Carol Competition.

We, at Yapsody, firmly believe in giving back to the community! If you’re a Church Event Organizer planning a fundraiser or charity dinner, you can use our FLAT 50% rebate offer for all your community-based events. 

2. Narrow Down On Your Budget

Depending on your theme, you can move on to the next step of assigning a ballpark figure to all your Christmas expenses. Your party experience directly boils down to the event budget.

Keep in mind the infrastructure cost, venue cost, catering & dining charges, and an extra amount to cover all contingencies. Starting early for planning your budget has its own benefits as you’ll be able to gauge the initial response and alter your roadmap if required. 

3. Design Quirky Christmas Invites

Christmas is a universal time of celebration and merrymaking. However, one aspect where you can shine through is by designing quirky and unique Christmas invites. Whether you’re planning for an old-school traditional party invite or a Gift Box invite with miniature liquor bottles, make sure that your party audience shows up at your venue expecting more of your branded goodies.

4. Plan Party Games For The Kids

If you’re planning a party strictly for the adults, you may skip this and read the next one. However, if your Christmas party involves families and children, you need to plan a few games for the kids to keep them entertained.

Whether it’s a Snowball party, Candy Games, Cookie Hunt, Costume Party,  or Drape The Snowman, you can take inspiration from our 12 Unique Christmas Party Ideas for Kids.   

5. Let The Adults Mingle

Now, that the kids are busy with their Christmas games, it’s time for the adults to mingle and socialize. When you’re planning for a memorable Christmas party, the same old party tricks and games may bore the 18+ audience. Maybe you can plan for a private cocktail after-party or indulge them with the Adult Edition of Christmas Party Games.

As an event organizer, private parties or VIP events mean more money in the bank. Don’t forget to opt for our Invite-Only Access Codes to create an exclusive invite-party for the elites.  

6. Invest in Uplifting Decor & Dining

Your Christmas venue needs to be lit up for that uplifting vibe. Let your decor and dining speak for your event brand. People’s faces light up when they see exciting decor while having their Christmas dinner. From white Xmas to an elf theme, make it a delightful atmosphere for your attendees by investing in good decor and event catering.

Christmas is incomplete without wines and champagnes so ensure that you invest in the top-shelf bottles only. 

7. Themed Social Media Marketing

Optimize your event page with keywords like Christmas events or Christmas parties in the content to improve visibility amongst those looking to be a part of it. Use visually rich platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to create themed social media campaigns for promoting your events and shows.

8. Sprinkle Last-Minute Discounts

Spreading joy is not only restricted to creating a memorable event experience. When it comes to holiday seasons like Christmas, your event attendees are looking forward to a family discount package, group discount, or a couple-friendly promo code. 

Don’t forget to try out these 5 Types of Discount Options to Boost Event Attendance by enticing your party-goers in advance. 

9. Do Giveaways

Remember, how your Christmas party invitation went full regalia? Well, bring the party a full circle by giving out return gifts, presents, or contest giveaways. It could be anything that helps them remember your party for the years to come. Maybe tie-up with a sponsor to help you take care of this bit that will help them market themselves through your party. 

Pro-Tip: Handpick your loyal event attendees and send them free plus-one invites to your upcoming New Years’ event at discounted prices.

10. Facilitate Easy Check-In

Long queues on a chilly Christmas evening can kill the vibe. Give your attendees a smooth experience with our YapScan app as it can handle large volumes of crowds and eliminate the chances of duplicate tickets. Easy check-in means that your party-goers can spend more time at your party rather than spend time trying to get in.

Being a Santa with a Cause is easier than ever if you’re an event organizer signed up on Yapsody. With our streamlined platform for creating and managing your events, you can spread the joy of Christmas far and wide for years to come! 

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