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Guide To Create A Logical Event Agenda

Guide To Create A Logical Event Agenda

Creating an event agenda is a crucial roadmap for every event manager and their audience. An event is only as good as the hard work that goes into it behind the scenes followed by what happens during the event day. To make sure nothing slips through the cracks, an event agenda that is easy to follow makes the whole experience of coming together, an easier and enjoyable one. 

Event agendas not only enable your guests to engage with your event better but also helps you monitor the event from start to finish with eagle eyes. 

Here’s Your Guide To Create An Easy To Follow Event Agenda:

1. Narrow Down Your Event Goal

An agenda is an important list of items or actions that needs to be completed to reach your desired goal. Having a goal or rather narrowing down to a ballpark idea of what you expect out of your event will help you frame the first draft of event ideas and requirements. 

Questions you may ask yourself or your team to create an agenda would include: 

  • What are your event goals? (fundraising, entertaining the community gathering audience feedback, promoting your brand)
  • What’s your target audience? (event demography and their preferences)
  • How much profit do you expect? 

2. Conduct An Early Outreach Campaign

An event is as good as the people who attend it. Do you have certain personalities or brand affiliations in mind that might add to the charm of your concert event? Start reaching out to them as part of your first phase of event planning and outreach.  

The names and brands associated with your event can pull in the big bucks and make it a grand success due to the higher volume of event attendees wanting to be in the presence of star personalities or presenters. Learn how you can generate more exposure through event sponsorships. 

3. Touch Base With Your Logistics

Once you’ve defined and connected with the event stakeholders, it’s time to fix the date, venue, sound & lighting providers, caterers, and other ad-hoc elements that make your event management a smooth flowing one. Make sure all your team members are aligned to the same frequency. 

A successful event agenda is one that suits the needs of your guests and attendees. So, stuff like choosing between Reserved Seating or General Admission needs to be cross-checked with your logistics team for successful integration and a happy turnout. 

4. Get Into The Details

From lowest ticket pricing, inventory management, to customized e-tickets, each and every minute detail counts for alluring your potential event attendees. Get into the details of every little event element that not only satisfies your users but also brings in profits.

5. Finalize Your Marketing Collaterals

An exceptional amount of effort goes into getting the word out about your events. However, with our Branding and Customization feature cluster, you can kickstart your marketing from the time you start updating your event pages. 

Finalize your entire event marketing plan with your dedicated team members so that your communication is uniform across all the channels and aligns with your event agenda. Clear communication is key to avoiding over and above expectations from your guests or patrons. 

6. Push Out Those Reminders

If your agenda is designed to work as a roadmap, there need to be occasional signs and directions to guide your event attendees. Email reminders and social media posts work efficiently for reminding your audiences of the key details of your events. So, if they need to plan well in advance, you can be assured that they will surely turn up all because of your timely reminders.

Pro-tip: Enhance those reminders by creating a detailed time-based event schedule and forward it to all event stakeholders, event crews, and lastly your event audiences. 

7. Get People Talking

Once you’ve handled all the heavy-duty event management tasks, it’s time to get your people talking through last-minute event promotions tricks such as: 

  • Reaching out to existing attendees to create the last-minute buzz
  • Influencer marketing to amplify your event promotions
  • Run a quick event survey or poll to gather some insights
  • Publish those press releases in relevant forums and networks

8. Keep Calm & Party On

Ensure all your checkboxes are ticked. Scan and validate event tickets, and let the party begin. If you’ve done all the event agenda-related tasks in a streamlined manner, you’ll be able to catch a breather and enjoy your event with a cold one. No event can be a perfect one even after you’ve planned everything to a T. However, with an easy-to-follow event agenda in place, you can rest assured that it doesn’t completely derail from the tracks. 

Now that you have this handy guide in place, go on, sign up and create your event on Yapsody and make sure your attendees never miss another one of your events or gatherings.

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