A Guide To Free Online Event Marketing in [current_year]

A Guide To Free Online Event Marketing in [current_year]

FREE – the word itself evokes so much curiosity that one always feel like checking out what he’s going to get. How about some sure-shot ideas to market your event, that too, without putting a single penny in it? Interested? Then let’s get going.

Social Media Power

Event organisers of all sizes are embracing Social Media Marketing for event promotion. Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook have users of different age groups, and from all walks of life. So, creating an event page on these platforms and a unique event hashtag can help. Keep them hooked onto your profile with appealing images, updates, videos, polls, and contests.

Go Blogging

Blogging is a productive way to promote your event. Create a blog section on your website, where you can publish and archive well-written blogs. You can write about the upcoming event, post-event, benefits for attendees, about the performers, and everything relevant to your event. Use free blogging sites such as Blogger and WordPress to publish your blog.

Listing Sites

Another place to do free promotions for your event is on event listing sites. It’s a great device to let the audience find the event they are searching for. Take care of a few things before listing your event on such sites – using an impactful title, informative content, specific keywords, and of course mention artists.

Email Marketing

Have a long list of email contacts stacked up in database? Let’s use them for email marketing. Get a tailor-made email ready with all the information about your event – event title, venue, date and time of the event, performing artists, and ticket selling prices. Include a ‘share’ button to get shared. Now hit the ‘Send’ button and let it reach the inbox of all these contacts. This is how you can notify them about your event, without putting much effort. To make your job easier, use some best email marketing software.

Guest Blogging

Inviting influential bloggers to write for your event is a great marketing strategy. Guest Blogging can make the right noise for your event. It brings you new audience, boosts brand exposure, and helps in business growth. So, all you need to do is identify the right bloggers based on your event.

Mobile Friendly Page

Apart from websites, make sure to publicise your event on the go anytime, anywhere, i.e., on phones and tablets. Have a mobile friendly site with good look and feel, and easy to navigate. Check out Yapsody’s mobile site to better understand what I am talking about; it appeals aesthetically and gives one of the best ticketing experiences.

Word of Mouth

Take the help of your friends, colleagues, supporters, family, and community to spread word about your event. Word of mouth is an old technique, which still has its value and yields great results. No event technology tool can underestimate its power. All you need to do is talk and let people talk about your event.

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