Global Hospitality Survey: Audience Preferences For A Post-COVID Era

Global Hospitality Survey: Audience Preferences For A Post-COVID Era

Last week, we gave you user preferences for US restaurants & pubs and also survey insights for various hospitality venues in the US that would help event organizers of hospitality venues in figuring out a post-COVID plan of action. Continuing with our series of industry insights we’re here with our global hospitality survey results and insights below.

Our aim is not just to assist in strategic decision-making but also to function as an indicator for the global event community in the post-pandemic era.

Understanding Global Audience Inclination For Visiting Hospitality Venues

For the purpose of this global survey insight, a hospitality venue denotes: Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Pubs, Casinos, Cafes, Clubs, & Theaters

1. Frequency Of Visiting A Hospitality Venue Pre-COVID-19

It appears that almost 42.71% of the participants visited a hospitality venue more than five times in a month pre-COVID-19. Over half the respondents between the ages of 25-34 most frequently visited hospitality venues, while those who are 55+ visited venues much less frequently.

When looking at region-wise insights, 52% of respondents from Australia & New Zealand visited a hospitality venue 5+ times a month prior to the pandemic.

 A little less than half the participants (46.67%) from the U.K., Ireland (44.2%), and the European subcontinent (46.7%) visited a hospitality venue 5+ times on a monthly basis before the pandemic.

Almost half the audience (49.3%) from the remaining parts of the world said that they visited a hospitality venue 5+ times in a month.

The general consensus seems to be on the positive side for the audience’s inclination of visiting a hospitality venue next month. 

2. Audience Likelihood to visit Hospitality Venues Next Month

Respondents who are likely to visit hospitality venus next month are 63.39% of the total participants.

Close to 31% of the total respondents from the USA and Europe are very likely to visit a hospitality venue next month.

About 59.5% of Australia & New Zealand are also very likely to head out.

Overall, respondents from the rest of the world are more likely to visit hospitality venues, with only 3% of them stating they are very unlikely to be visiting them. A positive sign for the global event community.

3. Gender wise Likelihood of Visiting a Venue After Reopening

Almost half of the global male respondents (48.7%) mentioned they are likely to visit hospitality venues as soon as they reopen.

Among the female respondents, 40.1% are very likely to visit hospitality venues as soon as they reopen, with 8.3% of them unlikely to go this year.

We daresay Ladies Nights are bound to make a strong comeback. 

4. Audience Preferences for Primary Venue Choice

Restaurants & Pubs are the most popular hospitality venues respondents would choose to visit once it reopens with cafes coming in second. Learn more about gauging Audience Preferences For Restaurants & Pubs.

5. Audience Preferences For Safety Regulations

Survey respondents from countries other than the U.S., Canada, Europe, U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand are very likely to visit a hospitality venue if the regulation of compulsory face masks is in place.

As per the graph, 21% of the population in Australia and New Zealand is very unlikely to go with the compulsory face mask regulation in place.

6. Core Offerings That Would Entice Global Audiences 

It appears most naturally that audiences are concerned about the cleanliness and sanitation of the hospitality venue, followed by safety products being readily available and social distancing.

Dining and Ambience seem to be the global choice of offering that would entice audiences, while gaming and recreational facilities are least preferred.

These were a few brief glimpses from our survey data. We hope you could grasp the global sentiment for audience preferences and fine-tune your hospitality services in a post-COVID era. 

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Audience Preferences For Hospitality Services Post COVID-19

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