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Generating Your Event Sponsorship Exposure

Generating Your Event Sponsorship Exposure

Event sponsorship turns out to be one of contributing factors to your event success. Apart from being an answer to all your budgeting woes, a good batch of sponsors or a single premium sponsor can uplift your brand value and event engagement. 

A good sponsorship and co-branded social media efforts create a sense of grandeur amongst your event attendees. Event sponsorship ideas can occur in limited bandwidth, which is why we’re here to sort you out. 

Here’s How You Can Generate Event Sponsorship Exposure: 

1. A Digital Approach 

With everything becoming more digital than ever, a casual email or just a quick Zoom catch-up, or a social media shout-out can make sure you land the right sponsors for your event type. Timing your event promotions correctly is key to spreading the word quickly and create an inward flow of sponsors that wish to associate with your event. 

2. Give Them The Limelight 

Figure out what your sponsors are looking out for by affiliating with your brand of events. Is it online coverage or marketing their product or service to your target audience? Present a concrete plan of action with achievable goals that would make their exposure easier.

More than ever, sponsors are looking for the limelight through events. With great money, comes the limelight. Give them the spotlight on your event promotion and event marketing collaterals such as emails, blogs, email invites, and e-tickets. 

You can very well give them ample real estate through your Yapsody Online Ticket Store and on your Customizable E-Tickets

3. Brand Them In Your Communications

The event sponsor’s engagement is interdependent on your event marketing and branding communications. When you back your event marketing communications with sponsors and affiliates it creates an amplified effect. 

Creating a co-branded marketing campaign by featuring them on your blog, social media ads, podcast, pre-event video teaser or a post-event video will make sure that your content is being leveraged by the sponsors on their channel. This will help you spread the word faster and help generate more revenue along with more exposure.

4. Let Them Moderate A Panel 

Apart from giving them digital exposure and online real estate, involve their keynote speakers and CXO’s to be part of your event. As an event attendee or an event introducer, the key sponsor personnel could enhance their audience engagement or exposure better. 

If you’re organizing a conference or an expo, it would be a great idea to add them to the guestlist as a keynote speaker or as part of the expert panel that speaks out and guides the flow of the event.

No sponsor will fund or associate with your event without a concrete ROI and engagement plan. As an event manager, you need to align your event goals with the sponsor and create a mutually beneficial and long-lasting association. Now that you know to gain momentum in generating and enhancing your sponsor exposure, head over to our marketing insights section for strategic tips and trends.

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