Event Promotion Strategies for Successful Event Marketing

Event Promotion Strategies for Successful Event Marketing

You can have a killer line-up and a flawless ticketing page, but without a social media event promotion plan, your audience won’t know about your event. Word of mouth used to work well but in this age of sold-out ticket phases, building the initial hype online that follows up to your event is absolutely crucial. Read on to discover event promotion strategies that you can try for successful event marketing.

1. #Promotion

If you don’t have a hashtag for your event, create it. Posters, flyers, tweets, pictures, emails – anything related to your hashtag should be posted along with your event hashtag. Ask your friends, relatives, sponsors, speakers, colleagues, and employees to use it whenever they are talking about the event. If your hashtag is a buzz, your event is going to ‘bee’ awesome. Sometimes, event promotion websites pick up your hashtags and tweet it.

2. If Money Speaks, Influence Sings.

Reach out to influencers related to your event using websites like www.buzzsumo.com, and ninjaoutreach.com. Gently convince them to spread the word about your event in return for free event giveaways, or simply ask them if there’s anything you can do to return the favor. Don’t push them, though, as it might have an adverse effect on the  you present.

3. Chat ‘em up!

Leave comments in popular blogs and forums that are frequently visited by your target audience. You can answer relevant questions on Quora and contribute regularly on Facebook groups in order to get recognized amongst your potential attendees. This will boost your Facebook event marketing and mark you as someone who’s reliable and approachable.

4. Be My Guest!

After many interactions, you’re bound to find an interesting and relevant topic to write a guest post on. These are typically 500-1000 words long, and you can send them to blogs where you’re active or the blogs that usually post similar content. If they agree to put up your post, you’ll be able to tap their followers for your own event or concert. And even if they don’t, you’ll still have some fresh content for your own blog. It’s a win-win, anyway, so why not?

5. Three Wise Men

Call up 3 sponsors, speakers, or event partners, and see what’s up with them. Maybe they are stuck in a tight spot with their roles at the event and could do away with some help from your end. Try to help them out if they need anything, and this will let them have a positive outlook towards you and the event. And, who doesn’t like talking about good things?

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