Five Steps To Plan A Merry Christmas

Five Steps To Plan A Merry Christmas

Christmas is yet another excuse to party, especially if you’re an event planner. It’s that time of the year when every single soul is happy and finding reasons to rejoice & party. While hosting Christmas may seem fun, it can prove to be just as exhaustive when you’ve to plan for venues, caterers, and every little thing to make it a merry one.

Here are our Five Steps To Plan A Merry Christmas:

1. What Kind Of Christmas?

As preposterous it sounds, you have to briefly chalk out the event agenda of your Christmas party. It could be an exclusive dinner party, pub crawl, or a shared party night, all depending on your target audience, event budget, and of course, your organizing capabilities.

Merry Christmas Party

If you have a small team, planning a big event would be troublesome. And if your guests have family commitments, they won’t prefer dancing till the sun comes up, so a Christmas brunch would be a great option. Be sure about the event timings, though, whether it’ll be during daytime, evening, or night. 

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2. Mark Your Calendar

Choosing the right event date is crucial for factors such as – availability of sponsors, team members, venues, and the nature of your Christmas party. Select a few potential dates during the Christmas week and send them around team groups to see which ones are preferred the most. 

Weekends aren’t popular for corporate parties, but you can make sure everyone ends up having fun. A weekday would be good, but if the event is going to result in hangovers, you could probably allow your team members to come to work a little later than expected.

Our Ultimate Event Planning Checklist should help you clean out those cobwebbed chimneys to make sure Santa shows up in one piece.

3. Where’s The Party?

After choosing a date and setting the per head budget, your next step is selecting the Christmas venue. Again, a wide range of factors has to be considered. If you’re not providing transport, choose a venue that’s close to train or bus stations, and onsite or nearby accommodation would be an added bonus if your guests are planning to stay the night. Find out the catering packages offered by the venues and seal the best deal.

Do visit the site and talk to the venue manager to obtain all necessary details so that you get a fair idea of what you’re getting already, and what more is required. Lastly, don’t forget to set assign different types of event seating and ticket types to accommodate a diverse group of attendees.

4. A Little Bit of Sparkle

Because it’s Christmas! No party can be complete without entertainment (and booze, of course). You could have a costume party, or one with a color theme, to make it interesting for your guests. To get them in the mood, start with welcome drinks like Christmas cocktails or hot mulled wine.

How to Host the Perfect Christmas Brunch Party

Having small gigs to start the party, you could have a wine tasting quiz, or a magician, to get people from different teams to talk to each other. There are plenty of ways to entertain – circus acts, bingo, karaoke, murder mystery, comedians – you just need to choose some depending on your budget and time constraints. 

Learn more about such Out of the Box Christmas Ideas that will bring a twist to your festive spirits.

5. Send Out Those Christmas Invites

Send out those quirky Christmas party invites to all your guests and make sure you’re requesting their dietary requirements. Using Yapsody, you can have a customized Online Ticket Store for displaying all your Christmas events and shows. Once you receive the RSVPs, figure out who should be seated next to whom, and you could plan a seat swap after every course so that there’s scope for mingling.

Next, draft an event itinerary to make sure nothing goes awry. Include all the little details, the timings, locations, and contact details for everyone who’s involved. Ensure that every supplier has a copy of the itinerary. You can sit back and hope for everything to fall in place, but just in case something goes amiss, make sure the suppliers know whom to contact in case of an emergency.

Lastly, hire a photographer to capture the memories. You can put these pictures up on your Instagram,  blog and website, and other channels so that everyone has access to the fun moments they were a part of.

Christmas Party

Oh, and the bit after the last one, but definitely not the least one – Yapsody wishes you a very Merry Christmas to you and your event attendees!

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