Five Reasons To Send A Free Invite to Blogger!

Five Reasons To Send A Free Invite to Blogger!

Yay! I love free invites to events, and here, I’m speaking on the behalf of the entire community of bloggers. As writers, most of the time we are struck by the inevitable epidemic called the writer’s block, and going out there, meeting new people, learning new things piles up stuff to write about on our desk which we absolutely love (yes, bloggers are crazy like that. There’s nothing we enjoy more than being extremely busy with writing assignments). Now, the big question of the selfish world, how is inviting me going to benefit you as an event presenter?

Content Is Our Middle Name

If content is the source and audience the destination, bloggers are the channel between the two. We practically breathe content. Like I already mentioned, being a part of your event would help us get new facts and insights for our readers. Apart from that, our mind has industry-related content in abundance, so we can give varied contributions to the discussions in the event, thus enriching it.

Gateways To New Possibilities

Writers are quite synonymous to wanderers, because whenever we come up with a piece of writing, we thoroughly evaluate what kind of people would be attracted by the blog or article. We explore the reach of all kinds of content, and can show you potential in a kind of audience you might not have ever thought about. Almost 80% of internet users are frequent blog readers, so imagine the benefits of coming into view of this percentage of readers.

We Are The “US” in “TRUST”

We already have readers who follow and appreciate us, and find our content credible. This credibility can be tapped by you if your event is covered by one of us. Apart from that, inviting a blogger to cover your event shows that you’re a sport in accepting appraisals and criticism from a trusted influencer on the online media which, in turn, will make you look open and approachable.

We’ll Be Your Ayn Brands

As already mentioned, we have a strong base of followers, and through us you can create brand awareness amongst these folks. Consider mouth-to-mouth marketing that involves one person spreading the message amongst ten people, and those ten people talking to ten other people each, thus making people aware of your brand. With us, this process will be a lot faster because hey, it’s going to be just one person spreading the message amongst hundreds and thousands of other people in a single go. Isn’t that huge?

Who’s Scratching Whose Back Now?

If we’re suffering from a writer’s block and we receive a free invite, that’s what we’re going to tweet, post and blog about for the entire following week. And if you post our blogs on your network, you’ll be giving us your followers, too. It’s a mutual promotional strategy that benefits both parties equally.

All said and done, you must choose your bloggers wisely. Just because someone is influential doesn’t mean he’s right for your event, and just because someone is a niche blogger doesn’t mean he can’t meet the requirements. You’d rather try choosing bloggers who are experts in your industry so that you can appeal to just the right target audience. And if they’re also influential, it’s an icing on the cake!

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