Digital Marketing Trends Every Organizers Needs To Know

Digital Marketing Trends Every Organizers Needs To Know

Even as you read this blog, some website in some corner of the world is coming up with an extremely innovative feature or scheme that is reshaping the virtual world in a significant way. For presenters, today, Facebook pages and YouTube channels are not sufficient to promote your event because, let’s face it, EVERYONE is doing it. So, if you wish to be a step ahead with online promotions, here are 5 digital marketing trends that you MUST be aware of –

1.    Google’s “Mobilegeddon”

A few months back, Google made changes in its algorithm to favor mobile-friendly websites in its search results that are displayed on smartphones and other mobile devices. Bing is looking forward to step in the same shoes and walk a mile, too. So, if the website for your event and the online ticketing platform you’re using is not mobile-friendly, your traffic might take a toll. A certain comScore report states that almost 60% of online traffic is constituted by mobile devices. These are a few things that make your website mobile-enemily (a poor word usage, but I hope you get the feeling):

  • Small buttons and links
  • Illegible text
  • Need for horizontal scrolling
  • Non-supported plug-ins

Don’t let your heart sink, just click on this link and figure out if your website is mobile-friendly according to Google standards (I know the rhyme kills the mood but please read on, I swear there’s no more of it ahead).

2.    Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Update

Facebook has switched back to prioritizing the updates of the user’s friends and relatives over feeds of the pages they’ve liked. This means that unless you’re actually paying for an advertisement, your page feeds are likely to get lost in the steady stream of “Welcome home, new pet!”s and “went from being in a relationship to it’s complicated”s. Of course, your regular followers will still receive your page feeds on a priority basis.

3.    Twitter’s Retweet Comment Function

Twitter users have always been frustrated with the method they were expected to follow for retweeting and including their own comment – you had to manually copy the tweet and add your comments still abiding to the 140 characters limit. Of course, one can’t expect someone to give them “tweet credits” as they totally ignore elementary vocabulary lessons in their desperate attempt to stick to the character limit and still be able to convey their message. Now, with the “retweet with comment” option, you can repost the exact tweet and add a 116 characters comment, too. This allows marketers to keep a tab on their content being shared so that they can ensure better involvement with the audience.

4.    The Apple Watch

This one’s certainly the “apple of your eye” because if you learn to use it to your advantage, it’s going to be a darling. According to a few stats, almost 50 million people will be possessing Apple Watches by the year 2016 and it won’t be surprising if they sport it while attending your event and look forward to finding ways to use it. Try to come up with apps for the Watch that your attendees might find useful or entertaining. How about instead of Yes or No, your attendees simply send a thumbs up or down?

5.    LinkedIn’s Pulse

Now, you won’t have to highlight, colorize, add sparkles or butterflies to your blog link in your LinkedIn profile because with Pulse, you can blog right there on LinkedIn. All posts on Pulse are sorted to provide users with news and opinions that are relevant to their professions. This means that you can now publish content that is descriptive and targeted at the same time. But, LinkedIn is a professional social media platform and everything you post here has to have a standard that lives up to your profession, because if you really want to put up drunk diaries, see you on Blogger!

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