Extra Discount on Yapsody Fees to Non-profit Organizations

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Extra Discount on Yapsody fees to Non-profit organizations
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And we are going to do that by slashing our prices by half for Yapsody Fees by Non-Profits. If you are a non-profit event organizer looking forward to creating an event, you’ll get a 50% discount on the fees on non-profit events tickets. And all you need to do to apply is send us official documentation of your Non-Profit Organization and we’ll set up the discounted plan right away!

  • What IS the plan?

Unless you are charging fees for your tickets, Yapsody is absolutely free for you. We have a standard rate of 2.5% processing (or service) fee of the ticket price and $1 per ticket (amount is in US dollars). But, for Non-Profits, the rate will be decreased to 1.25% processing fee plus $0.5 per ticket.

You get to choose and control the Payment Gateway available in your country and the Credit Card Processor will deposit all the funds directly into the Merchant Account. The Payment Gateway provider, though, is likely to charge a certain fee for processing transactions. So, before setting it up, do check the charges with your Payment Gateway provider.

Here is the list of Payment Gateways supported by Yapsody. Click Here to check which Payment Gateway is supported by your country.

NOTE: Discounted rates are only applicable after the activation of the Non-Profit billing plan. All sales made prior to that will be billed in accordance with our standard rates (2.5% + $1).

  • How to Apply?

If you are located in the US, you’ll receive a determination letter from IRS after you’ve successfully applied for 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt status. To know more about your status with the IRS, check out their website.

You can apply for the discounted plan simply by emailing us a copy of your determination letter at support@yapsody.com. Also, make sure you include this email address and your phone number in your Yapsody account in case we need to follow up.

And if you are based outside the US, you can still apply for the Non-Profit plan if you possess the required documentation that varies according to the country as follows:

  1. United Kingdom: A scanned copy of your registration document from the UK Charity Commission, Charity Commission for Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland), Charities Regulatory Authority (Republic of Ireland), or Office of Scottish Charity Regulator (Scotland)
  2. Canada: Your documentation from the CRA, the Charities Directorate, or documentation from a governing provincial authority
  3. New Zealand: A copy of your official documentation from a New Zealand issuing authority
  4. Australia: A copy of your official documentation from an Australian issuing authority and/or your approved ABN number
  5. Other (European country): A copy of your charity documentation as provided by the local authority
  • We have more than just Discount for you…

…and that is our “Accept Donation” feature that is tailor-made for our Non-Profit event presenters. This feature enables you to collect donation right from your Online Store or Box Office. To learn how to make the best of it, Click Here.

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