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Benefits Of Using Snapchat For Event Marketing

Explore the Benefits of Using Snapchat for Your Event - Yapsody

Explore the Benefits of Using Snapchat for Your Event

If you’re an event manager in the present day and age, then here’s the ugly truth for you – a huge chunk of your audience is below the age of 25; that means, you need to come up with innovative ways that capture the attention of this fast paced, impatient and generally frustrated generation with a really short attention span? Social media is the latest fad, have you recently met a business owner or a PR specialist or an event marketer without an online presence? Nah! It just wouldn’t work!

Well, there’s always Snapchat. Wondering what that is or how it’s of any importance to you? Look at this way, this could be your best shot at SMM (social media marketing). It is a social media platform where you can share all kinds of photos and small videos with your friends. If you were to come up with marketing strategies, this would be the best way to power up your event. Pre event or during the event, this is the best way to keep your customers hooked. Why, even some of the biggest names in the industry are turning towards such social posts to promote their brands.

1) Wider Reach

Who uses Snapchat? The younger generation. Who’s your target audience? The younger generation. See the common factor? Duh, using Snapchat event campaign would give your marketing strategy a boost like no other. By using Snapchat for your event promotion, you would be giving off the impression that you’re “cool” and “hip”. Isn’t that what you want, anyway?

2) It’s An Event Enhancer

It is not just the pre event marketing that makes a difference, how you promote your event while it happens is important as well. Recently, participants in some of the most popular events kept snapchatting while the event was on. And let’s just say, it experienced an immediate surge in popularity.  An important aspect of PR is spreading the word, and Snapchat  can help you do that. Get a press release out. Use blog posts. Do whatever you think is necessary to convey the message.

3) Video Sharing

You know what’s better than an email blast? Sharing videos, live or otherwise. You could share a sneak peak of the upcoming event nearby, only to fuel the excitement of the eager customers. They’re fired up as it is, trigger a chain reaction of excitement and “I can’t wait anymore” via Snapchat! What could be better than that?

4) Competitions And Contests

Snapchat users love a good challenge. Organize some quizzes or little fun contests for them. For instance, if you’re having a concert by a famous singer, you could keep posting little titbits about the artist in question to keep the customer hooked. That would help with your search engine optimization as well.

5) Coupons Valid For Short Periods Of Time

Promoting an event is all about enticing the customer just enough to make them take the next step. You could post offers and deals, of course for short spans of time to intrigue them. In these cases, partnering up with other companies would do the trick. So what are you waiting for?

You’ve got your target audiences statistics, haven’t you? What’s the best way to reach out to them, according to you? The best part about Snapchat is that it’s not only for the younger generation. With social media platforms like this, promoting your events or concerts become exceptionally easy!

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