Using Event Transaction Report for measuring an event’s success

Using Event Transaction Report for measuring an event’s success

Yapsody’s Event Transaction Report is an essential tool for measuring an event’s success. Our analytic provide presenters with a platform for understanding the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, artist selections, venue locations etc. at your fingertips with the help of our online ticketing system.

Yapsody Report

This report is chock full of information presented in a format that is simple for anyone to understand yet professional enough for any accountant to use with export functionality and lots of filters. For example, you can filter by date (specific date vs. date range), by performance (single performance vs. entire event), by location (box office vs. online sales), by transaction type (sale vs. refund), and by box office user/employee.  You can also view detailed event data and summary charts for items related to revenue and ticket inventory as well as click on individual transaction to get detailed transaction breakdowns and customer information.

Success comes from understanding the progress and trends of your events.  Get started today with Yapsody!

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