Event Ticketing Features To Streamline Your Concerts & Live Events

Event Ticketing Features To Streamline Your Concerts & Live Events

Ever since 2020, we’ve been believing in social distancing without social isolation. Being their trustworthy ticketing partner, global concert managers and event managers were able to create live streams and continue to create music experiences online safely. However, even with the COVID uncertainty lingering on, there’s a massive hope for concert-goers and event managers as vaccination drives have strongly taken hold all over for successful inoculation.

That being said, the next few months remain hopeful as theaters have started to re-open after a long pandemic standstill. Concerts, live festivals, and other events can definitely get their planning in action to get a head start. 

Here Are Our Event Ticketing Features To Streamline Your Concerts & Live Events: 

  • Reserved Seating 

Event managers have been utilizing our General Admission feature to create concerts for flexibility in letting their attendees move about. The best seats and sections go on a first come first serve basis depending on the artist’s popularity and overall buzz. However, in keeping with the tides, Reserved Seating along with Invite-Only codes would be a much better option until the gates can be fully opened for each and every one.

  • Event Setup Wizard

Live music events and concerts usually happen on a multi-city tour through multiple events or performances in the same country. With our Event Setup Wizard feature, you can seamlessly duplicate events, performances, and shows for concerts or tours for the ease of different time slots and dates. 

  • Discount Options 

With our multipurpose discount options, event managers not only fast-track their concert sales with early bird and group discounts but they’re also creating a sense of urgency. In times of economic turmoil, it’s best to adjust your ticker pricing and retention strategies to attract more attendees. 

Learn more about our 5 Types of Discount Options To Boost Event Attendance.  

  • Surcharge Options

With our surcharge options, you can expect to increase the revenue stream during high volume sale phases by adding extra charges on a per-ticket basis or on a performance basis.

  • Mobile Apps

We know how concert-day jitters can rattle the best of us making things slip through the cracks.  To overcome those event-day hurdles, we’ve developed event ticketing apps that make your life easier for your on-ground teams and personnel. 

With our YapScan ticket scanner for iOS and Android, you can scan and validate a high volume of event tickets without missing a beat. 

With YapStats, get instant, real-time event stats on the go on any iOS and Android devices.

Hoping to get back on track with your event management and revenue optimization for concerts and live events. Yapsody is your flexible ticketing partner that makes your concerts memorable with our line-up of event ticketing features. 

With our robust event ticketing features that are best suited for live events and concerts, you can help your event attendees rock out to memorable experiences. 


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