Event Ticketing Features To Elevate Your Guest Experiences

Event Ticketing Features To Elevate Your Guest Experiences

Hotels and restaurants were the first line of hospitality enterprises that were lucky to re-open in 2020 and continue their business with thorough safety protocols in place. Goes without saying, their loyal patrons returned with renewed enthusiasm to indulge at their favorite spot. 

For helping event managers and venue-owners to make a strategic decision in a post-pandemic scenario, we surveyed audience preferences and took into account the statistics for restaurants & pubs within the USA that will help you understand audience inclination and utilize our ticketing platform to the maximum.

Yapsody is the perfect recipe for success with premium event ticketing ingredients to elevate your hotel & restaurant’s event management.

Here Are Our Event Ticketing Features To Elevate Guest Experiences At Hotels & Restaurants: 

  • 24/7 Support 

Being in the restaurant industry, there might be issues or queries even before you’ve started creating your events for hotels & restaurants. It can be a guest query, technical issues, or transactional related issues, or perhaps just a general inquiry related to your hotel & restaurant services.

With our 24/7 support team by your side, you can expect a step by step guidance before you create your event, customize your tickets, and start integrating your payment options, and so on. The only prerequisite is to sign up with Yapsody for availing the expertise of our world-class customer relationship management team. 

  • Reserved Seating

What would hotels & restaurants be known for if not for their exclusive seating for enjoying some delicious meals? Reserved Seating takes the cake for a majority of our clientele who wish to elevate their guest experiences through a private dining experience. 

Come 2020, the exclusivity has gone a notch up for food tasting and food fest events with our Invite-Only feature that helps keep the attendance to a minimum, thereby, maintaining social distancing protocols. 

  • Inventory Management

Need to keep a few tables and sections open for walk-ins without affecting your Reserved seats? We’ve got you covered with our Inventory Management System where you can easily hold a few sections for general admission entry along with reserving seating sections without removing them from your inventory. Apart from creating unlimited ticket types, you can also set up a ticket limit per transaction based on how many tickets a guest can book in a single transaction to avoid overcrowding.

  • Online Store Customization

Your first impression can make an ever-lasting impression on your guests. Start by fully customizing your online ticketing portal that best reflects your hotel and restaurant’s brand persona, upcoming events, ticket prices, website, and social media links.

Simply put, your Online Ticket Store is an opportunity to let your guests know what’s on your menu. Whether it’s a lady’s night, food tasting week, or a happy hour, you can make all of it quite clear through information on your online ticketing store thereby attracting relevant guests.

  • User Access Control

The hotel business can be a hectic one especially if you’re in charge of the event planning team. However, as part of our Enterprise-Grade features clusters, our User Access Control lets you delegate and manage your entire team’s responsibilities on our ticketing system. Streamline your event management from Day 1 of planning your hotel and restaurant events and avoid turning into Hell’s Kitchen.

  • Surveys  & Questionnaires

The hospitality business model is an ever-evolving one. Take into account the re-opening of hotels and restaurants during the pandemic era where many had to enhance their venue and staff safety protocols quickly to match audience preferences. Each and every establishment caters to a different set of audiences and hence needs to have a pinpointed approach. 

Through our surveys and questionnaires, many venue owners and event managers were able to garner useful insights to enhance their service offerings. Similarly, in the post-pandemic era, satisfaction in the hospitality sector will be driven by improvement through complaints and general feedback. How fast you can turn a negative into a positive becomes an indicator of your brand value in the market. 

Our event ticketing platform is designed to support all types of global events and venues through our premium features. When it comes to restaurants and hotels, it’s a perfect cluster of event ticketing features that work in combination for flawless event management and revenue generation. If you’re looking to get the most out of your hospitality business through events, Yapsody is your ticketing partner for success. 


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