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Event Safety Regulations Expected By Attendees In The New Normal

Event Safety Regulations

Wondering about the likeliness of event attendees turning up to your upcoming events and shows? This is one standard question that has been floating around in every organizer’s mind. We designed a logic-based survey to help us gather useful insights and data from event attendees all across the USA. One of the most crucial parameters in our survey was Sanitisation and Hygiene preferences that are expected by these participants in the “New Normal”. 

If you wish to understand your audience better and elevate your safety standards, download our full infographic here – Audience Expectations In A Post-COVID Era.

For those wanting to briefly glance through their attendee expectations in the “New Normal”, here’s what you need to know. 

1. Choice of Venue

Based on our reports, your choice of venue will play a key role in attracting older and newer audiences. The likelihood of attending outdoor events or shows is higher compared to indoor shows across fan categories. It’s natural to see event attendees wanting to be more distant and spaced out from other guests.

The likelihood of attending events also seems higher among regular concert-goers when compared to those who attend 2 or fewer events in a year. Keeping that in mind, your event planning can take the safe route of organizing socially distanced events

Creating an additional layer of venue safety is possible on Yapsody by configuring your automated holds along with the number of blocked seats for each performance directly from the Event Setup Wizard Interface. 

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2. Mandatory Face Masks At The Event

Goes without saying, attendees are expecting safety masks to be one of the most basic rules at your next event. No Mask = No Entry should be the norm.

The mandatory regulation of face masks with 6 feet of social distancing from strangers appears to be the most preferred among participants for both indoor and outdoor concerts. 

 3. Regular Sanitisation & Disinfection

Your attendees not only need standard safety precautions like above but they also expect event organizers and venue owners to do their part. How? By investing in regular disinfection and sanitization programs. This will not only garner loyalty towards your brand but also keep their peace of mind intact. 

As one of the industry leaders, we can definitely tell you that following these guidelines will help you stay ahead of your competitors and acquire newer audiences.

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