Effective Ways To Use Social Media for Event Promotion

Effective Ways To Use Social Media for Event Promotion

All kinds of events – from birthday parties to fundraisers, from concert events to karaoke nights – can be regarded as fruit-bearing trees. You plant the idea, you nurture the tree by defining each and every bit of the event, and lastly, you call people in to enjoy the fruits. But there are these major questions that haunt the mind of many event planners – How do I tell people about my tree? Basically, how do I go about promoting my event? And this question has a three-word answer – Social Media Marketing. This post is aimed at guiding all you event newbies (and perhaps even oldies) about how you can use the social media to an optimum level for marketing your events.


Create a customized hashtag for your event and inject it into your event content wherever you post it. Be it a Twitter tweet, a Facebook page, a Tumblr blog, or a YouTube channel, you need to make your hashtag viral. Make sure your hashtag is sensible, witty and crisp because sometimes, hashtags can be a complete disaster. For instance, Susan Boyle’s album had a release party with the hashtag #susanalbumparty. Pretty grossed out, eh?


When you draft a post or a tweet to promote your event, bear in mind that normal people who are struggling to keep up with the pace of life are going to be reading it. So, you need to make sure it is really catchy and not simply dry text. Put in pictures, videos of your previous events, or mash up quotes by some good speakers who’ve attended your event; integrate them into a delightful collage and put that up to grab their eyeballs. Don’t overdo it, though, or it’ll look too gaudy and you might simply come out as a desperate attention-seeker.


Your communication with your target audience has to be more of a two-way thing. No matter how engaging your content is, merely watching and reading it will bore your people in no time. Make sure you put in a few contests, challenges, or other online interactive sessions so that your audience develops a stronger connection to your event. Also, tell the world about the feedback’s and reviews that people have given you, and the way you reply to all of them. This way, they’ll know you’re accountable and approachable.


The essence of social media marketing lies in building a QUALITY NETWORK, that is, a network comprised of not just of a lot of people, but also renowned people who have their own throng of followers. When these people promote your event on their social platforms, your reach is magnified exponentially as large audiences are automatically notified of your event. This marketing strategy gives your promotion a great head start. Follow them up on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms; and every time they put up content regarding your event, make it a point to post comments from your end, too. This way, their followers can get a link to you directly.

Always remember, it’s a cycle between you and your audience: you need them, and they want your event. All you need is to consistently keep them informed about it and WHY exactly they need to be a part of it – in other words, keep watering that fruit tree!

That is pretty much all the showbiz summed up!

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