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Event Presenter’s Worst Nightmares – Halloween Edition

An Event Presenter's Worst Nightmares

Halloween – when the world adorns vampire outfits, carves out pumpkin faces, and spook each other, we’re reminded of those who cannot be spooked anymore because their work can be a nightmare. 

While making this career choice, you pictured yourself bowing on stage, in front of a sold-out venue. As an event presenter, it happens more often in your dream.

Here’s Our Halloween Edition Of An Event Presenter’s Worst Nightmares:

1. Never Ending Queues

You’ve booked an A-lister to perform in your city and announced that you’re selling Halloween tickets through your Box Office. Next thing you know, event attendees have flocked to your venue for booking their tickets.

This is a great sign but do you really want to put them through the experience of waiting in lines? And, do you want to sit there all day selling tickets? We didn’t think so either. 

What You Can Do: 

Use our Online Ticket Store and let the fans skip the queue. People wanting to buy your tickets can check their choice of seats online, so you won’t leave anyone disappointed.

2. Exorbitant Ticketing Fees

You’ve decided to take the smarter way out and sell tickets online instead. But now you browse through multiple websites and come across the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen – ‘$2 fee for every ticket sold.’ Your tickets only cost $8! The event management spirits embrace you with nightmare number 2 – the one where they rain fire all over your finances. 

What You Can Do: 

Opt for Yapsody pricing which is extremely low and you have the option to pass on the ticketing fees to your ticket purchaser. Again, it’s so low, they won’t mind paying either. Don’t forget to check out these Strategic Measures To Help You Sell Out Your Halloween Event.

3. Poor Customer Support

A nightmare for humans of all genres– poor customer support. Having to deal with a higher number of stakeholders than normal people, event presenters have it the worst. While you strive to give your attendees the best experience during, before, and after the event, you need your stakeholders to cooperate with you. If they don’t, your nightmare also becomes your attendee’s nightmare (we’re talking late refunds.)

What You Can Do: 

Sign Up to leverage our 24/7 customer support. Each presenter that has shared their experience with Yapsody has ONLY good things to say about us. Whether it’s your ticket purchaser or yourself, reach out to us for a query and we’ll happily provide you with just the resolution you need.

4. Bouncer Brawls

We’ve seen it a million times – somebody “forgets” to bring a ticket they never purchased and walks in with a face like they obviously have a ticket. The usher stops them to check the ticket and, well, you know the drill. While one fake attendee is detected, there may be 10 that go unnoticed.

What Can You Do: 

Access our mobile app – YapScan that lets you scan your attendee’s tickets. Validate tickets quicker, identify fake tickets and avoid rowdy bouncer brawls.

5. Empty Seats 

One of the all-time greats of inducing nightmares. While most issues generally pop up when the event conversions are too high and there is too much to deal with, this one is a sign of an unsuccessful event – a nightmare that can make the presenter question his career choice. This often happens because the event wasn’t promoted well enough. 

What You Can Do: 

Make sure to create a logical event agenda that handles everything from event management to event marketing. Peep our Event Marketing Guide For Social Media Management that will help you step up your promotion game with strategic tips and techniques.

6. Seating Confusion

How often have you found yourself acting like an intermediary between two people fighting for a seat? We’re guessing, plenty. When you opt for a General Admission event, you make yourself vulnerable to complaints about attendees reserving seats by placing their bags or popcorn on it. Yes, this is a hellish nightmare you want to avoid at all costs.

What You Can Do: 

When there is a possibility of the above-mentioned actions to occur, always sell reserved seating tickets, so attendees wanting to save the best seat in the house can do so without getting lost and confused in all their Halloween glory. 

Learn more about Event Seating & Ticket Types To Boost Your Turnout.

7. Currency Not Supported

Do you find yourself looking up ticketing partners you’d want to try but shut the tabs soon after you read a little note saying ‘Accept US Dollars only’? This nightmare almost makes you upset about your location. Without collecting payments in advance, you risk paying extra from your own pockets. 

What Can You Do: 

Leave this one to us as our ticketing platform supports 150+ currencies from around the world, so you can collect payments, no matter where you’re located. Keep those Halloween woes away by learning to Grow Your Revenue with Our 6-Step Guide.

8. Oh-So-Basic Tickets

Assume you’re hosting a Princess themed party for the little girls in your community. You’re selling tickets to an event the girls are looking forward to. The parent hands over the ticket to the highly enthusiastic child but are not as excited as it should be. Why must that be? Your tickets looked as if they were passed to a conference about ‘how to deal with finances’ – white, black, and boring fonts. 

While this is not a dealbreaker, your ticket branding can make or break the perception of your event.

What Can You Do:

Make use of our Ticket Customization feature. Whether you’re hosting a conference or a kid’s Halloween party, customize your ticket to set the event tone.

It takes plenty to put on a successful show, a superhero ability of sorts. While things may have gone haywire the last time you organized an event, know that there are always solutions – whether it is in the form of humans or technology to make sure you don’t get stuck in a multiverse of madness. 

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