Event Presenter & Event Management Software: The Saga

Event Presenter & Event Management Software: The Saga

Once upon a time, there was an Event Presenter. He was an upset human being, who was always caught up in a mess. He had quite a few friends, namely Email Marketing, Social Media, Ticket Sales, Statistics and some more, but they all stayed in different corners of the town. Event Presenter found it very difficult to spend enough time with them, mainly because all of them refused to travel all the way across the town to meet him in one place.

One bright and sunny day, Event Presenter bumped into a very cool guy with sparkling eyes, a grinning face, and a big car. He introduced himself as Event Management Software, and requested to know the reason behind Event Presenter’s sulky mood.

“That’s it? That’s your problem? I can solve that!” Event Management Software exclaimed after hearing Event Presenter’s story. He patted his car and on seeing the look of bewilderment on his new friend’s face, said, “I can offer to bring all your friends together in my car so you could have a good time with them. That’ll bring a smile on your face, right?”

It sure did. Event Presenter enjoyed a lot with his friends and they all lived happily ever after. Oh, wait! Don’t you want to know what else Event Management Software did to make Event Presenter the happiest person on earth?

He brought together all the Required Data into One Single Place

Whatever data was collected from all other platforms (or friends, for that matter) was available on a single software so that making data-driven decisions could be made extremely simpler for the presenter (yep, that’s a generic term for our Event Presenter guy). This way, analysis becomes efficient, as the entire customer cycle can be tracked – right from traffic driven to the website, online registrations, buy event tickets, to physically attending the event.

He let Event Presenter experience the company of all his friends at once

Of course, this was the key point. Now, presenters need not sit down with a web developer to figure out their website then set up an email marketing platform to send out newsletters while juggling with the N number of social media channels for online promotions. They can get a full-fledged webpage for their event, an online ticket store, social media widgets, email integration, and so many other features all on one digital platform. To get a glimpse of what exactly is offered by an efficient event registration and management software, take a look at Yapsody’s features.

He showed the door to Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets undoubtedly hold a special place in every presenter’s life, but it’s high time we came to terms with the fact that lately, it’s not really working out. When it comes to filtering out required information from the tabulated pile of registrant data, it can be a tedious task. Using an event management software, these analyses and filtering out processes are way faster and absolutely foolproof. These will not just save your time, but also help you put together like-minded groups or help people meet people that might interest them.


Of course, Event Presenter was happy with Event Management Software because he was a high-spirited, friendly guy. But, if you look closely, he was able to help because he had a car that was enough to fulfill the needs of Event Presenter.

There are hundreds of event management platforms out there, and you can’t draw lots and randomly pick one. You first need to list down your requirements and then choose the one that fits your need. If you’re looking for something that’s professional and easy-to-use, you can always turn to Yapsody, though!

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