Event Planning And Management Tips for Events and Startups

Event Planning And Management Tips for Events and Startups

Events and startups have a lot in common – they both start as an idea and end as revolutions, leaving everything and everyone in their paths baffled. Finding ideas and developing them is referred to as the “seed” stage, and if you’ve already checked that level out, this is how you’re going to be dealing with the next level. These are some handy management and planning tips you have to keep in mind once you’ve developed your idea and are aiming to bring about the revolution-

Neither Yours, Nor Mine

Negotiation skills are the primary traits of a good manager, be it sales, finance, or marketing. You don’t just have to keep the ball in your court; you also have to make sure the person on the other side is happy with the ball being in your court. Though it sounds tough, just keep this in mind – as long as you know how to keep the other person happy, you can have as many balls in your court. Don’t play the game, play the man.

Just a few Dollars Here and There

Unless this is the last event of your life, you have to keep an eye focused on the budget. Of course, cost cutting is important, but it has to be done in the right way. If you mention a platypus and give a duck, it’s acceptable. But, a chicken would be too much.

Do NOT forget about The Price Tag

Quite contrary to what Jessie J might feel, you have to decide upon just the right pricing strategy to sell your event tickets, which can indeed be very tricky. Go through the strategies of some of the previous successful events, and look at how much you’re offering to the attendees. A lot for a little will make you look greedy, and a little for a lot will make your event underrated.

Where is it?

This is something people are going to base their decisions on. Just walking into a venue and deciding upon it because of ‘weird positive vibes’ would be foolishness, even if it’s a place related to your childhood and has priceless memories attached to it (gee, it’s not your wedding! Even if it is, that’s not the best idea). Create a checklist with all your requirements for the venue before you start hunting, and choose the one the scores the most! Also, read the venue contracts carefully before investing (I give the credits to this post-script to the multiple insurance advertisements. Thank you, guys!).

Free Food? I’m in!

Except, it’s not going to be free, right? You’re going to charge your attendees for every service you’re providing at the event, so you’ll have to make sure the services are worth paying for. A happy stomach leads to a happy heart, so if your caterers can’t deliver that, you’re putting a great deal at stake.

This is when You come to Us

Finding the right event ticketing software can be a big pain, because most of the time the ones that are easy-to-use aren’t professional, and the ones that are professional are too complicated. Have no fear, Yapsody is here (alright, that sucks, but you get the point)! Our UI is easy, reliable, packed with features and downright professional. Plus, General Admission events are absolutely FREE! If you wish to get the best of both worlds, Yapsody is your thing.

Because Memories are Priceless

The future of your company depends upon the memories your event gives not just to the attendees, but also to everyone else involved – the sponsors, the speakers, the organizers, the partners – everyone! Their positive feedback is going to reflect on your status in the market, so make sure you’re giving them good reasons to ensure a positive feedback. Right from the beginning to the end, and even after that, you have to keep working to make sure your event was memorable.

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