Event Organizer’s Guide To Master Communication In The COVID Era

Event Organizer’s Guide To Master Communication In The COVID Era

We understand how event organizers, their attendees, and the whole event industry has been affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Getting people together for an unforgettable experience is unfortunately not advised. However, with life returning to back to the “new normal”, keeping your lines of communication open for your audience becomes even more crucial now while using social distancing to your advantage. For those looking to amp up their lines of communication before opening shops for good, we have something for you. 

Here’s Our Event Organizers Guide to Mastering Communication In The COVID Era:  

1. Increase Your Online Visibility

Online activity and the search for new modes of entertainment are on an all-time rise. Taking that into consideration, it’s your time to increase your brand’s online presence and visibility. We’re sure you’re keeping your social media channels active. But, what you really need at the moment is to break through the clutter of your competitor’s noise be heard by the right set of audience. 

You’ll find that our marketing suite of services has been meticulously designed to suit a diverse range of requirements unique to event organizers in the hospitality & entertainment industry. 

2. Engage With New  Online Communities

Whether you’re an event organizer with your own venue or an independent event planner hosting venues across different locations, you have to attract new audiences to your future events. And now is the time to spread the word and keep a pulse on the online communities.  

Surely, it’s not an easy task to engage with newer audiences while keeping track of essential business decision on the pipeline. Why not schedule a discussion with us to have our marketing experts handle your campaigns? 

3. Re-Engage with Your Patrons On A Personal Level

Chances are that you already have many of your events in the pipeline with tickets being sold out. Your loyal patrons will be looking for active communication from your brand for any sort of query and clarity. With our while labeled customer relations suite, you can engage with them about player services, hotel reservations, event ticket transactions, or even just general Q&A. 

We’ve put customer care at the forefront of your brand to help you acquire, engage, and retain your loyal patrons. Our experience in the hospitality and entertainment industries is complemented by a host of services such as White Labelled Customer Care, Customer Retention Programs, Inbound & Outbound Multi-Channel Support, and many more. 

4. Use Surveys To Understand Their Thoughts

Live streaming is peaking on every platform, whether it’s a wellness event or a live DJ stream. If you haven’t already hosted an online event, learn how you can Take the Virtual Route For Hosting Your Events 

Apart from hosting web events, you can use our event ticketing system to build your own questionnaires & surveys to help collect important information from your attendees. Their feedback when it comes to their personal standards of hygiene and what they expect from your future events becomes a crucial metric for planning ahead. 

We hope our event organizers guide will help you ride through these critical times and come out stronger on the other side so that the hospitality and entertainment industry can shine again in the “new normal”.  Event organizers looking for a robust, cost-effective event ticketing system, can SIGN UP here.

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In this climate of uncertainty, businesses worldwide have either curtailed their offerings or come to a standstill until further notice. Yet, acting purely out of our love and commitment to supporting our family of Native American Casinos in achieving a swift recovery, we are extending our existing suite of services to the Casino Assistance & Recovery Program.

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