Event Organizer’s Guide To COVID-19

Event Organizer’s Guide To COVID-19

We hope you all are settled inside, staying safe, and healthy while practicing social distancing protocols. We understand how event organizers, their attendees, and the whole event industry have been affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic in effect. The thing we love the most, getting people together for an unforgettable experience is unfortunately not advised. However, being the creative lot that we are, the entertainment industry has collectively stormed the internet to connect with its audience. As an event organizer, this is your chance to bring your people together as well.

Here are our event organizers guide to maximize your time and energy during COVID-19

1. Change Your Upcoming Event To An Online Event

First things first, you need to change your events to a web event as gathering in public places are strictly prohibited. Based on your local and national regulations, make the decision to change your upcoming events into an online event on our event ticketing platform. It’s easy to do and this guide on Changing Your Upcoming Event To An Online Event will sort you out.

2. Use Social Distancing To Your Advantage

We, at Yapsody firmly believe in social distancing but not social isolation. Keeping that in mind, we’ve drafted some easy and quick steps our event presenters can use to their advantage while social distancing. From postponing your event, gathering feedback from past attendees, and taking the virtual route, you’ll find a brief summary of tackling this situation smartly. 

Our users requested a functionality where they can have the option to automatically block or hold nearby or adjacent seats once a ticket is booked. To ensure event seating safety protocols while attending a physical event, we’re happy to announce the launch of our Social Distancing Holds.

Social Distancing Hold

Sign In Now and experience the new functionality through the Inventory Management feature

Creating an additional layer of event safety during COVID-19 is now easily achievable by configuring your holds, hold codes and the number of blocked seats from your Event Setup Wizard interface.

3. Take The Virtual Route For Hosting Your Events

If you’ve been following artists, musicians, and performers, you must’ve noticed how smartly they’ve been using LIVE stream to bring people together. As an event organizer, you can take the virtual route of different social media and live streaming platforms to bring people together in the comfort of their homes. If you haven’t already, learn how you can Take the Virtual Route For Hosting Your Events.

Remember, with Yapsody you can choose to Pass On your ticketing fees to your attendees while selling event tickets online to save your money during this critical phase.

4. Choose From Different Types Of Virtual Events

From live music sets & performances to podcasts & webinars, the possibility of pushing your creative envelope is high. Your audience will most probably be working from home and be glued to their devices. As an event organizer, you can bring in a daily or weekly virtual event in their social distancing life. Here are 5 Types of Virtual Events To Bring People Together Online.  

5. Choose the Right Platform For Streaming

Different business will stream their events online for different reasons. Some might need a heavyweight video streaming platform that has adheres to strict security standards while others might be happy with a free social media live streaming platform.  

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resources for Event Presenters

Availability of Our Platform & 24/7 Support

Yapsody is a global company, with employees in every department working in various locations.  Our engineering and support teams continue to be available to support our presenters and their customers around the clock through this challenging period. For our external technical service providers, such as cloud infrastructure vendors, we partner with only the most sophisticated, enterprise-grade, global organizations, who themselves have also been ahead of the curve in best practices during this outbreak.

If you have any questions or concerns while following any of the above suggestions, please contact us at support@yapsody.com. Our support agents will be happy to assist you.

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