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Event Marketing Tactics To Improve Brand Presence In The COVID Era

Event Marketing Tactics

Online engagement is at an all-time high and so are the event marketers who are vying for your audience’s attention. With the “New Normal” upon us, it seems that the phase-wise opening of businesses has given a ray of hope for event organizers and hospitality enterprises to start planning and improve their event marketing. While creating your events with us, don’t forget to use our COVID Recovery Offer and follow through on these event marketing tactics to improve your brand presence. 

1. Create A Continuous Cycle Of Engagement

When you’re actively trying to stabilize your brand presence through community-building activities, the curiosity induced amongst your potential audiences will have them flocking to your brand portals for more information. Keep your eyes and ears open across all your social media platforms through social listening tools for easy two-way engagement. 

2. Use Surveys & Feedbacks 

We can’t stress enough on this powerful yet simple tactic that has been doing wonders for many event organizers and hospitality entities all over. With the COVID pandemic changing the future of event gatherings, your event attendee’s needs will also shape your brand presence accordingly. Using surveys & feedbacks in a timely manner to gain insights, you too can mold your brand offering in the COVID era.

If you wish to understand your audience better and elevate your event standards, download our full infographic here – Audience Expectations In A Post-COVID Era.

3. Broadcast Your Safety & Sanitization Programs

No mask = no event will be the norm at any event gathering in the upcoming months. Unless we’re close to finding a vaccine sure, social distancing rules and mandatory masks will remain constant. Giving out free masks with each ticket? Or perhaps a branded PPE kit at your next conference? Maybe you sanitize your event venue before and after each event? Broadcast it to your audience so that they’re aware of your safety and sanitization programs. 

4. Create Loyalty & Retention Programs 

Depending on the economic health of your region, your event attendees might feel skeptical about shelling out money for your upcoming events. However, with a little bit of investment from your side, you can acquire and retain your audience by creating loyalty and retention programs in the form of discounts, offers, long-term benefits plans, and so on. Make them feel like you’re invested in them and they will flock to your brand. 

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