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Event Marketing Guide To Manage Social Media Accounts

Event Marketing Guide To Manage Social Media Accounts

As an event marketing professional who doubles up as an event organizer, managing multiple social media accounts can get hectic. This is because you can’t wiggle your way out of social media when approximately 90% of your event promotions happen there. On top of that, you are constantly hustling to get your time management in order.

Although there is no escape from the fast-paced social media ecosystem, our guide will help event marketers and event organizers to handle all their social media accounts with a few strategic tips and techniques.

Here’s Your Guide To Managing Social Media Accounts

1. Choose Your Platforms

You may prefer using Linkedin for professional events, but your audience loves to use Facebook and Instagram to consume content and look for upcoming events. Goes without saying, you need to sign up for those social platforms frequented by your target audience. 

Pro-Tip: Upon choosing the right social media channels, you may never even have to manage multiple social media accounts. This way you can concentrate your event marketing efforts through a few dedicated channels only and save your time. 

2. Allot Specific Time Windows 

Event organizers are known for living off clocks and meeting invites. However, when you’re posting event updates it’s easy to get distracted, especially when there are 20+ notifications from your previous posts and an inbox full of messages that you need to respond to.

Make sure to allocate specific time windows during the day for checking and updating your event’s social media profiles. Start off by allocating an hour for each platform during morning, evening, and night. Ensure that you only work on creating & scheduling content, engaging with your follower’s comments, and responding to critical messages.

Over time, this practice will help you uncover the highly engaging times for your social media platforms

3. Repurpose Content

As a seasoned event organizer, you probably have a bulk of past events that you can show off by repurposing through visual content marketing formats such as videos, reels, infographics, and throwback posts. Repurposing content takes off the time-consuming task of creating unique content each time you wish to publish on social media.

For eg – many event marketers combine their social media and email marketing efforts by recycling and reusing creatives to save time and effort.  

4. Keep A Few Posts In Reserve

There’s no shame in running dry of ideas. However, for one of those days when you’re facing writer’s block, it’s good to keep a few generic social media posts in reserve to deal with such days. This way you can choose from a bank of ready-made posts that only needs you to hit the publish button.

5. Small Steps > Big Jumps

When you’re too busy trying to grow your event revenue, social media marketing can take a backseat. If you’re hitting all your targets you might even miss putting out a post. However, remember that social media engagement requires regular tending even if it’s a low-effort post.

It does not need to be an over-the-top event promotion creative designed in a haphazard manner. Something simple like a blog share or a re-shared post can keep your social media accounts engaged.  

6. Keep Track Of Engagement 

One of the smartest ways to save time is by keeping track of social media platforms that are performing well for you. This way, when you’re nearing the event day, you can focus more on pushing out content and promotional material through that social media account only. 

7. Have A Contingency Plan

Social media is a double-edged sword and a lot can come tumbling down if not handled with care. Make sure to have a contingency plan or a communication template in place for when things go south.

Events are of tricky and unpredictable nature, however, social media can have an amplified effect. Avoid the headaches with a sound contingency plan in place beforehand. 

8. Keep Customer Support On Hold

As an event ticketing partner to global event entities, our 24/7 customer support bears witness to saving the day for many. You never know when a ticket booking might not work or perhaps the card machine acting up. What you can count on is your customer support to be on hold for any slip-ups on the event day.

Learn how you can Leverage Customer Support To Streamline Your Event Management.  

9. Something For Those Who Couldn’t Make It

Your guests and attendees, for the most part, shape the overall experience of the event. There are chances when they can’t make it and feel bad for having to miss their favorite band in action. As an event manager and marketer, you can share event snippets or live stream the best bits of it through your Instagram stories.

This way your loyal attendees can still experience it through their screens and it also gives your new followers a taste of what they missed.

We hope this event marketing guide helps you manage your social media accounts a lot better, if not professionally. Events and social media have a lot in common – they bring people together with the same interests so that they can meet, connect, and share an experience together.

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