Event Marketing Guide: 5 Best Practises For Instagram Success

Event Marketing Guide: 5 Best Practises For Instagram Success

Instagram has increasingly become the event planner’s favorite social media platform due to its highly visual and interactive functionality of engaging their audiences. Apart from its cross-posting ability, Instagram also lets you integrate your ticket booking link on your bio, posts, and stories making your event ticketing conversions easier

According to Sprout Social’s social media demography 2021, there are 1 billion active Instagram users with the largest age group falling between 25-34. This age group is the perfect demographic for any event marketer to target on Instagram and compels their ticket purchasing decision. With these best practices and tips, you can surely up your event marketing to the next level. 

Here Are Event Planner’s Best Practises For Instagram: 

  • Spark Up Your Instagram Stories

Think of your Instagram stories as a casual and gradual buildup to the event day. It works brilliantly for your pre-event and post-event marketing and brings your event campaign to a full circle. To bring your Instagram stories up to full speed, start designing a storyboard for each event that you’re doing.

Create your buzz on IG stories leading up to the event through video snippets from artists and performers encouraging audiences to book tickets in advance. Your event Stories will get higher views when used with geotagging, artists/sponsor tagging, event/location/brand-based hashtags, polls, GIFS, stickers, and other trending elements. 

Pro-Tip: Use your Instagram story section to go LIVE during events or behind the scenes. Going LIVE on your Instagram is like instant engagement served on a platter as it notifies all your followers instantly to tune in. 

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  • Optimize Your Main Feed

If Instagram Stories are more casual and real-time, your main feed posts can be a crucial timestamp of your brand. As an event manager or marketer, it becomes a hall of achievement for your events and shows. Your pre-event and post-event videos and images are an extremely shareable asset. Make sure to put out visually rich content that your audiences would gladly share on their profiles. 

Each event would have its own branding elements that can be reflected on your Instagram posts for easy and quick recall factors. This is why it’s important to optimize your main feed for maximum engagement and visibility. 

Your captions, geotagging, hashtags, artists/sponsors/venue tags all add up to make it all the way to the top of your audience’s Instagram feed. Learn How to Growth Hack Your Way Through Instagram

  • Go Behind The Scenes

If there’s one format that works in favor of event organizers more than LIVE videos are BTS videos and stories. Everyone knows that organizing events is so much more than the stage and the props. A lot of planning and energy goes into any event and the only natural thing for you to do is to document it. 

Instagram BTS

Crediting your team members, vendors, venue owners, sponsors, caterers, artists, and other affiliate event partners is a good Instagram bucket to leverage and showcase to your followers. 

  • Instagram Takeover

Got some big names or notable sponsors on board for your event? Give them the opportunity to lead for a day or two. Bringing a fresh perspective through influencer marketing as an #InstagramTakeover is the perfect practice to gain new followers and cast a wider net through their influence. 

Make sure the influencer taking over your account is someone your audience would be interested in and has a large pool of followers. Make sure you create a hashtag that they can utilize during the event campaign and other attendees can latch onto as well to create the desired amplification. Create a general storyboard for your takeover so that the influencer can follow a standard guideline of dos and don’ts. 

  • Reel In Your Audiences 

Instagram has followed suit in transforming its platform into a video-friendly format through Reels and IGTV. IGTV can be considered for your long-form video content such as post-event highlights or an after movie. Through Reels, you create quick, snappy moments from your event and up your engagement factor. 15-second reels are perfect for creating event teasers or last-minute discount promotions through artists. 

  • Recycle and Repurpose

Chances are that you’ve organized a whole lot of events in the past and a few of them are recurring shows that happen on a monthly basis. Make sure you recycle and repurpose them on your Instagram. The stories section is a great way to bring something from the past to your present and ignite a sense of nostalgia. 

With a continuous feed of Instagram posts and stories, you can up your views and engagement and eventually bring your event management brand to a wider audience online. Although, remember to optimize your Instagram posting hours to avoid getting into the spamming zone and losing followers. 

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We hope these best practices for Instagram elevate your event marketing practices for Instagram success. Learn how to Trigger Brand Engagement Through All Your Social Media platforms.

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