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Event Marketer’s 9 Step Guide To Instagram Stories

Event Marketer’s 9 Step Guide To Instagram Stories

Every event marks an exciting opportunity and responsibility for event marketers to showcase their brand persona or business to their current batch of event attendees and potential audiences.

Whether you’re planning a conference for your customer base or re-opening your theaters,  event marketers are directing their focus on connecting the experience with their audience – online & offline. Instagram being the perfect platform for live updates and visually striking communication, event marketing becomes easier and effective with our 9 step guide. 

Here’s Your 9 Step Guide To Using Instagram Stories In 2021

Chalk out a plan to showcase specific elements from your upcoming events into a daily storyboard. As a real-time event marketer, we know how tough it can be to get lost with last-minute event day hassles. 

Designing your event storyboard will help you stay one step ahead, by capturing what you most definitely need and also capturing moments when they come for your Instagram stories. 

Tag your artists, sponsors, keynote speaker, influencers, or brand ambassadors to spread the initial word about your event. Once you’ve done that, you can ask your affiliate artists or brands to share your stories on their Instagram page thereby amplifying your event marketing to their audiences. 

Don’t forget to re-post or re-share posts or stories when your event attendees are tagging your event or brand on their Instagram.

You’ll need something catchy to help them associate your event with on social media. Remember that your hashtags are tools of discoverability and amplification when it comes to user-generated content. 

When your attendees start posting on their Instagram stories or posts, they’ll use the hashtag propagated by you, thereby boosting your brand reach and views. 

Pro-tip: Use Geo-tagging while you’re covering the event to improve your local visibility and further enhance your growth. 

Your event attendees or guests have most likely seen it all. That fancy event flyer with the artist lineup or the last-minute discount package you’re running. Give them a backdoor entry to behind-the-scenes of your event production process.

Insta stories are a convenient medium to capture all of it which can then be added to your Highlight section for recollection.

A year goes by and you’re reminded of that memorable event that went down. You can share it on your stories from your Memories archive, creating an instant recall among your followers. 

An event planner’s best friend when it comes to garnering pre-event and post-event insights. Through Instagram stories, you can ask a series of questions suited to your type of event that will help you plan better – 

“On a scale of 0 to amazing, how good was last night’s concert?” or 

“Guess the surprise act in our next City-Wide Tour” to keep it fun and engaging.

Polls and quizzes are a great way to collect data anonymously and act on them. However, to get the ball in their court, you can “Ask Questions” through your Insta stories and respond to each one of them. This can best be defined as a  replication of online Face-to-Face Q& A sessions.  

Here are few questions you could go for: 

As part of your post-event strategy, you can work on producing a sizzle reel or teaser of what went down at your event. Highlighting the key moments of your event through Instagram stories is a great way to bring your event marketing to a full circle. 

Don’t forget to give them a little something extra to look forward to, like a list of your upcoming events for optimizing your brand further on Instagram

It’s instant engagement served on a platter. Going LIVE on your Instagram is one of the quickest ways to get your online audience to tune into your offline event. When you go live, it instantly triggers a notification to all your followers thereby letting your event be broadcasted online, free of cost. 

Whether it’s an event announcement, giveaway, Q&A, artist interview, or a behind-the-scenes, live sessions always yield the best results. Video bytes with artist testimonials can go up as your Instagram post and then added to your story/highlight section. 

Once you switch from your personal account to a professional one, you get access to their business dashboard which gives you a smart snapshot of your numbers. 

You can track your progress through impressions, engagement, reach, and top posts among other metrics. You can also analyze the demographics so you can find out what percentage of your event audience are male or female, age groups, and their location. Figuring out where and what exactly makes your Instagram tick will help you formulate a better event marketing strategy and make your events Instagram-worthy.  

We hope our 9 step guide helps you get your Instagram act together smoothly. To sum it up, here’s what you need to know: 

Get more through our marketing insights and guides and become the best event marketing maven out there. In order to truly make your mark on social media, you need to spread the word through distinct channels. Learn how you can utilize LinkedIn for your professional events and Twitter for last-minute event promotions.

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