Event FAQs To Enhance Your Online Ticket Store

Event FAQs To Enhance Your Online Ticket Store

Creating impressive event pages is one of the key strategies to grow your event ticketing revenue quickly.  Our branding and customization feature cluster make it easier for event organizers and hospitality venues to bring a unique persona to their Online Ticket Store that suits their batch of events through: 

  • Visual Gallery
  • Sponsor & Affiliate Listings
  • Video Highlight Reels
  • Social Media & Website Links
  • Custom FAQ’s 
  • Smooth Ticket Booking Interface

All these branding elements are crucial for your potential event audiences to make that ticket purchasing decision. However, one of the major hurdles during the event booking process for an attendee is the lack of complete information about the event.  

Our 24/7 customer support will be more than happy to solve any and every query related to your ticketing, but for those who believe in a self-help-based approach, we’ve created a stock of comprehensive FAQs that you can customize and add to your Online Ticket Store.  

Here Are Event FAQ’s That Can Be Added To Your Online Ticket Store:

  • Payment Related FAQs

  1. Which payment methods are supported?
  2. Can I buy tickets online or offline?
  3. What is your ticket refund policy?
  4. Do you accept cash or card payments?
  5. What fees & taxes are charged?
  6. What is your cancellation policy?


  • Event-Related FAQs 

  1. What is the exact event location?
  2. What are the accommodation options available?
  3. What kind of food can I expect at the event?
  4. Can I bring my own food and beverages? 
  5. Is there a dress code to be followed? 
  6. What’s the difference between General Admission & Reserved Seating event tickets? 
  7. If I have questions, who can I contact?


  • Ticket Related FAQs

  1. For a multi-day event, is my ticket valid for all days?
  2. Can I purchase tickets at the Box Office?
  3. What kind of discounts are available? 
  4. Is there an age limit or ID requirement to enter the event?
  5. Where can I find my purchased ticket? 
  6. Is my ticket transferable?
  7. What if my tickets are lost or stolen? 
  8. Can I scan my E-tickets or do I need a physical ticket for entry?


  • Seating, Parking, Entry Related FAQs

  1. What time do doors open?
  2. How many premium seating sections are available?
  3. Is there parking allocation available at the venue? 
  4. Is the event venue handicapped-friendly? 
  5. Which social distancing rules are in place?
  6. Is wearing a mask mandatory?
  7. Is there a smoking section at the event? 

There you have it. A comprehensive list of event FAQs that you can anticipate and customize for your upcoming events. The answers to these FAQs need to be short, helpful, and accurate to evoke quick decision-making for event attendees. 

Spending a good chunk of time to decide on your event FAQs will help you cut down on the support team’s efforts and improve the conversion time. By adding relevant event FAQs to your Online Ticket Store, you will generate more sales quickly. 

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