Event Challenges & Solutions For Strategizing Better In The Hospitality Industry

Event Challenges & Solutions For Strategizing Better In The Hospitality Industry

Without any public gathering to look forward to, it was an event organizer’s nightmare during the months of February to June 2020. Some of the venues that came to sudden standstill included casinos, theaters, restaurants, hotels, resorts & pubs. With sudden event cancellations taking place due to lockdowns, many organizers had no option but to start initiating ticket refunds from their event investments. This would go down in history as one of those swift, overnight knee-jerk reactions of having to adapt to the “New Normal”. 

Although it might’ve been quite a few tough months, many event organizers pulled through like a champ.  We witnessed many organizers taking the virtual route for organizing their web events on with great success. Event attendees were on the lookout for a way of connecting online through virtual events and many organizers delivered on that front. Using logic-based surveys and questionnaires sent through timely emails, many event organizers gauged what was expected of them and enhanced their event offering further. 

One of the prime examples of kicking off the post-COVID ball rolling is Dolans Pub in Ireland which is organizing drive-in concerts at their venue to reopen the summer season in July with live headliners.

Hermitage Green Dolans Yapsody
The one of a kind drive-in concept of live events is a new thing in Ireland which will be held in a specially designed site. A successful example of bringing back the golden days and re-inventing the wheel. For a more detailed approach for strategizing your event planning 2020, don’t forget to check out our YapStudy.

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