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10 Entertainment Activities That’ll Rock Your Cafe


Whether you’re catching up with an old friend after a decade or you simply love the espresso, cafes have a lot more to offer than just a tasty refreshment. When you start a new cafe, there’s a buzz all in your community and everyone’s quite excited to see what’s new. 

However, as a well-seasoned cafe owner, is your excitement level the same as before for your target audience? If you’re looking for entertainment activities to attract to bring up the excitement, we have something for you. 

Here is Our List of 10 Entertainment Activities That’ll Rock Your Cafe:

1. Invite Local Bands

People love to enjoy live music. It can change the entire ambiance of your cafe. While it will attract all the music lovers, you can encourage your customers to shake a leg or two if they like the music played. You can approach a couple of local bands and keep giving your cafe regulars a mix of different music genres.

For example, every Friday, the local Jazz band can put up a great show, while the weekends can be saved for the Classic Rock group.

2. Stand-Up Comedy

Laughing your guts is great for health, besides de-stressing you from work and responsibilities. Invite comedy groups or stand-up artists at your cafe to perform their routine or as part of a city-wide tour. If your event budget permits, we’d recommend you invite celebrity comedians to perform at your cafe. Make sure you promote your events on social media, send out personalized email invites, and watch your cafe become popular overnight.

3. Theme Parties

There are 100’s of themes you can choose from for your cafe. One of the themes that’s on the top of our minds is the retro theme. Let your customers dress up polka dots and floral prints. If your cafe has enough space to create a ramp, you can have a fashion show with retro music in the background.  

Need more ideas? Here are 21 Themes To Get Inspired By For Your Event.

4. Wine Tasting Event

Do you want to see people flocking to your cafe? Organize a wine tasting event, offer an early-bird discount, and market it on your Instagram stories. You’ll be surprised to see the turnout at your cafe. Don’t turn off the mood by offering your customers cheap quality tasteless wines. It’s an opportunity to convert these customers into your fans. Offer top-shelf wines and you’ll make loyal fans for a long time.

5. Candlelight Dinner

Due to work and responsibilities, couples tend to spend less time together. Allow them to spend a romantic evening with a candlelight dinner. Play soft music in the background and let the mood set in. Create an ambiance your guests will fall in love with.

6. Sports Night

Be it office colleagues or a group of friends, people love watching a game together. During the day, you can run a regular cafe, but as the sun sets, your cafe converts into a sports bar. But if you think a regular sports cafe can be challenging, you can host sports nights during popular events like the World Cup or the Olympics.

7. Holiday Special  

The holiday season is arriving soon. You can organize holiday parties for adults, kids, and families and host games that’ll spread joy and warmth. If you’re looking for entertainment activities for adults or kids, we’ve got you covered. 

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8. Cook-Off 

Organizing an ordinary cook-off is no fun. You can add a twist to it. Give the participants the names of a few popular dishes from your cafe and ask them to recreate them themselves. Similar to the Taste Test event, participants who manage to create the same dish or whoever is the closest tastewise is the winner. The chef can be the judge at this event.

9. Karaoke Nights

People love karaoke nights so you can organize one each weekend to keep everyone entertained. It works best when there are large groups at your event. All you have to do is arrange for a mic and a projector and your karaoke night will turn into a fun night for all. To ensure maximum participation, you can have a lucky draw for the singers. A meal or a drink on the house can be a great prize.

10. Singles Night

Singles night is another entertainment activity where you can organize speed dating as a way of letting singles meet up at your cafe. This way the singles can meet a lot more people in a single evening. Through fun activities, they can spend enough time to know each other before they move on to the next date. At your cafe obviously.

While you host several activities, do make sure you connect with your customers and maintain a relationship with them. Make sure to garner attendee feedback that streamlines your event planning.

Designing an effective audience feedback form or survey will not only catapult your cafe planning into overdrive but also help you measure the event satisfaction levels based on the entertainment activities that you line up regularly.

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